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:rolleyes: Does anyone know of a reputable distance learn BSN course offered by anyone besides Excelsior College? I am finishing my AAS hopefully next week (Take the CPNE 23-25) and want to start on BSN requirements while I wait for my degree to be processed. I probably will stick with EC but want to know what others might have to share! Thanks!



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I know the University of Phoenix on line does Rn to BSN by distance education, but I really don't know any of the details, or how the program has been received.

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I'm with Barbskie--- I don't know much about the U of Phoenix, but I guess it's big bucks, and I'm sure other programs are comparable. There is one through the U of South Dakota that someone I know was interested in. I don't know much about that one either.


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thanks, will check it out!

My son took some courses (not nursing, though) from University of Phoenix. He was seriously unimpressed--except for the costs, which he said were about $1,000 a course.

A good friend (who is a member of this board) is doing her nursing degree through Deaconness. That's about $4,000 a semester, with attendance requirements in online chats and you have to set up your own clinicals.

Neither one would be my cup o' tea.

Have you googled "online nursing" to see what comes up?

My vote is always for EC.... :kiss (is there a drumroll that comes next, or does lizz just show up....? :) )


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I am currently a student at UoP in their RN-BSN program and I love it. I didn't know what to expect going in but I have been very impressed and challeneged. I have really learned a lot and just finished my second class. Each class is five weeks long which is great because you can concentrate on one thing at a time. The work is pretty intense. There is usually a paper or a PowerPoint presentation due every week. But, I can do things at my own pace and at home no matter the time. The books for most of the classes are downloaded and then printed if you want or just read on the computer. I think they do require five years experience and that the nursing students have current employment where they are exposed clincially. The cost is high, but since I don't have to miss time from work to attend class and drive 50 miles one way to the nearest school, it's worth it to me. UoP is also NLN accredited.



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UW offers a great online BSN program that I am going to start in the fall - tuition is only $120 some dollars a credit! That is less expensive than went I went to a state university where I was a citizen of that state! So far they have been great & easy to work with - I need a few pre reqs to actually get into the nursing program which they offer all of through either online or correspondence courses. I highly recommend checking them out.



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I would also suggest you don't limit your search to the US. Canadian schools offering BSNs via distance accept American nurses, the degree is just as good and the cost is MUCH less thanks to our education system and the relative value of the American dollar. The University of Victoria has a good reputation.


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:) I took a few classes with UOP, but had to transfer due to cost. I am now enrolled in my second class with Florida Hospital College.

http://www.fhchs.edu. I am very well pleased with the program thus far. Tuition is much more affordable, and yes, it is 100% online. Best wishes! The other Cindy

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I completed the ADN to BSN with University of Phoenix in May 2004. It worked well for me because I worked nights and couldn't plan to attend class. It is also fully accredited, been in existence for quite a while and reputable. The classes are fast-paced and I did double some classes in order to finish in 18 months - you are only limited by you! For me, I didn't want to do something where I was doing it on someone else's timetable. It is about $20,000 when completed, but when you look at earning potential of an ADN vs BSN - it is certainly worth it. In fact, the BSN wasn't my original goal - the MSN is - and I'm starting my second MSN class with UofP on Thursday.


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university of Indiana has a brand new program they go to there web site and if you run a search on the site you could find some post about this with some links

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