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You're right, Kim. It's just hard to get out of the "me last" mode that motherhood brings out. How do you find time to study and such with the kids?


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Hey all! I'm getting very discouraged here. You see, I've been a stay at home mom for the last 5 years...and I've never been to college. I'm waiting on my husband to give me the okay to start my pre-req's (we have no one or no $$ for sitters so he'd be the one watching them) and I keep getting pushed back. In the summer he said I'd probably be starting in the spring. Here we are nearing the spring semester and it's "this isn't going to work yet". I want to do this before I lose my passion for it. As the time goes on I lose faith that I will be able to do well in the classes (I was more of a partier in high school and just did what needed to be done to scrape by).

Anyone else ever been in my shoes? Any advice?

Congrats to all of you who finished up your semester with awesome grades! I hope I'll be doing that soon!

Well I haven't been in the exact situation, but a little similar, my husband wanted me to start back to work right away, he figured money would do us more help then me going to school. Lets say he didn't fully apprectiate the roll of an RN and how that could benifit our family. I started to really show him how good it would be to have 2 "good" incomes. He slowly came around and now he is my biggest fan. How old are your kids? is your husband worried about the responsibility he will have? try and work out a plan for what you would like to do and go over it with him, find a date for which semester and say this is what I would like to do what can we do to get there? What do you need from me etc....if you open up the doors to communicate and really ask direct questions you should be able to figure away for both of you to be comfortable. You might need to start off just taking one class at a time work around your husband and your kids, make it easy for him and add a little more each time.

good luck.


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You're right, Kim. It's just hard to get out of the "me last" mode that motherhood brings out. How do you find time to study and such with the kids?

Sorry I just saw this reply now...

I can't lie, it is not easy. It takes more effort than some are willing to give but it is something I wanted and so I made every sacrifice that had to be made. That meant taking every every chance I got to study or do my online classes. The baby naps, I study. The kids are watching a movie or playing together, I study. I can't sleep one night, instead of lying in bed waiting to fall asleep, I study. (what better cure for insomnia is there than chemistry?! lol) I took 2 hours a week to watch my favorite TV shows (House and Ghosthunters..lol) and other than that I worked worked worked.

When I worked my online classes I had the kids on my lap sometimes, or sometimes they would play in the room I worked in. If it needed more concentration I waited for hubby to get home, or I would go to my parents house so that they could help out while I did my work. My oldest daughter also would try to help by entertaining the little ones so I could finish and assignment or whatever. I believe that her seeing mommy working so hard is teaching her the importance of an education and showing her that it is never too late to go to school, but at the same time that it would have been easier had I done it when I got out of HS.

If you set your mind to it, you will find a way believe me. I am very very proud to say that at age 37 with 3 small kids and a part time job (not to mention a house to upkeep and such) I finished my first semester with a 4.0 ( in 6 classes/16 credit hours).

It can be done...just believe in yourself! Give yourself the chance to make yourself proud!!


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