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Hi everyone,

I have been on the journey for nursing school for the last ten years. In that time, I have had three beautiful children and taken time off to nurse and get them to school before starting school again. Well, I have finally completed my pre-reqs and can apply to the ADN program at SRJC in the Fall. This year the school had an unprecedented 400+ applicants for about 100 spots. Due to the budget issues, that may be reduced next year (per my advisor) to 80 spots. Once a candidate meets all the requirements, it is a lottery for those spots. Because i have three angels and a husband, I can't go to school many places. There are a few other ADN programs i could apply to but do not think it would be possible to do all that extra driving required just to get to the school. The only BSN program near me is very, very competitve and they only accept 24 spots. Although my grades for the last 15 years ( i was taking my GE classes b4 my sciences) are slightly over 3.5, i have enough not so great grades from 1988 (when I first graduated HS) that my GPA isn't good enough to compete for those spots. Yes, they look at all your grades and could care a flip that for the last 15 they are wonderful. Sigh. I usually just plug along with a smile but now am discouraged. I guess I will apply to Napa, Mendocino/Ukiah, and Marin College. Anyone out there go to Mendo or Napa because you couldn't get into SRJC. Do you like it and how is the extra driving? thanks guys. MammaNurse2be


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don't be discouraged, still apply, u may b 1 of the lucky one's and u def. increase your chamces by applying 2 multiple schools

The year I got into school we had 800 applicants for 160 spots...I got in...it can happen! :D


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I would go ahead and still apply to the BSN program. They might officially count all of your grades, but look harder at your sciences. It couldn't hurt!


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Apply apply apply. Just do it. do not defeat yourself before you get started lord knows you will have to have b_lls of steel for nursing school anyway you __will__have to sacrafic. I had a son and divorce etc and still plugged away just like you till I got in did a couple semesters talked to the faculty had to withdraw due to personal stuff and re applied to finish and kick butt in the end. God luv ya just have faith. and of course smile :)


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the college I just got accepted to only accepts 30 once a year in fall. It is on a point system though.


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Thanks for the encouragement!

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Apply to all the ones near you that would work. When I got in they had about 900-1000 applicants and accepted 104. While my grades in the last 2 years were good I had bad (really bad) grades from years ago when I first started college. I was worried I wouldn't get into my first choice, but I did!! You never know unless you try! Good luck!!:yeah:


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I dealt with your problem by applying to a community college LPN program. I made an appointment to meet with the counselor, turned in transcripts and received a letter of acceptance in about 2 weeks. As for your 15 or 20 year post high school history - my first year in university right out of hs did not go well. I was a young hs grad and didn't have the maturity to be in a competitive university environment. Anyway that was long ago. I went back to school and turned all that around and since then I've done many things since then and I've never had my first year of college held against me. So as others are saying - don't give up.

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