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Has anyone in the forum ever get into trouble at work that resulted in either a write up or (heaven forbid) termination while on probation??? I've been on probation for almost a year now for a diversion that happened in 2021.  Up until now everything has been great.  I've been compliant,  sober and found a good job since then.  My issue with this job does not include substance abuse, or a direct violence of the absentee policy.  Nor is it related to poor performance or lack of skill.  But I was rude and insubordinate to my acting director and was sent home early and now HR is involved.  I'm just wondering if anybody has experience with this and can let me know what I should be expecting with the board should the worst happen?

I haven't been in your shoes.  Sometimes just an apology for the behavior is all that is needed.  We all have bad days, and sometimes under stress we act how we normally wouldn't.  Best thing is to play as nice as you can until this is over with.  Saying sorry for a behavior such as disrespect is not the same as saying sorry for what you didn't agree with.  Remember, you don't always have to win a disagreement, but it takes a big person to apologize, and it speaks volumes.  Good luck!


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Would they contact the board or the monitoring agency?  Do you have a workplace advocate/monitor? 

I'm not sure how it works for nursing.  Or health professionals.  I did know a physician who was in monitoring for opiates, and he an issue like this at work  where he yelled at the director or someone.  It was reported to the monitoring agency by his workplace monitor - so the monitoring agency sent him for ANOTHER 96 hour eval for that with additional recommendations!  His monitoring did not get lengthened, but he had even more hoops to jump thru. 

Like Big Blondie said, sometimes an apology will prevent the above.


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I'd be concerned about more time added to your sentence.  You aren't going to get the benefit of the doubt for anything. Apologize and watch your actions going forward.  Hope it works out OK. 

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I don't know why the board would get involved.  It appears your main offense was being insubordinate, which does not seem like something that should be reported to the board.  Everyone makes mistakes.  Learn from it and move on.  Apologize to the people you offended and try to build a good relationship so that you won't get a bad reference if you decide to change jobs.  Best wishes.

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