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great must see video our six year old daughter was diagnosed with a mild form of dystonia but it took almost 2 years and 2 pediatric neurologists to get the correct diagnosis. her symptoms began... Read More

  1. by   Loralai
    There appears to be a number of doctors who have spoken out against this case, that this girl does not have dystonia but a psychogenic disorder. As one doctor put it "In other words - her symptoms are not neurological, they are psychological. This does not mean she has any insight or voluntary control over her symptoms - they are involuntary and "real" - just not neurological in origin. Symptoms such as this are not uncommon reactions to emotional stress in some individuals." Some notable doctors who have spoken out against this case: Dr. Stephen Grill from the Parkinson's and Movement Disorders Center of Maryland, the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, neuologists and more. You can read their findings here:


    "The movements and symptoms that Ms. Jennings displays on the public videos I have seen (linked to above) are not compatible with the diagnosis of dystonia, or any other movement disorder. Dystonia is one type of involuntary contraction of muscles. It can be reduced or exacerbated by certain movements or positions, and there are "task specific" dystonia, such as writer's cramp, that come out only with certain activity. Jennings does not display the type of movements that are consistent with dystonia. Her speech and movement are, however, very suggestive of a psychogenic disorder.

    This also seems to be the consensus opinion of experts who have viewed this case. The Dystonia Medical Research Foundation had this to say about the case:

    Because of the concern of individuals with dystonia as to whether or not to get a flu shot because of this reported case, we have sought the opinion of dystonia experts on this case. Based on the footage that has been shared with the public, it is their unanimous consensus that this case does not appear to be dystonia.

    Since there has never been a validated case of dystonia resulting from a flu shot, the experts polled believe this case should not deter anyone from getting a flu shot. As with any medical procedure or treatment option, the DMRF encourages you to discuss the risks and benefits of the getting the flu vaccine with your doctor."

    It seems anti-vax groups are using this woman as a platform for hysteria against the H1N1 shot and didn't do their background research.
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  2. by   MandaTaye
    Well whatever it was, it's reversible. According to her recent update on her website, www.desireejennings.com she is doing a lot better.
  3. by   ghillbert
    When you click on her website now, it goes to "godaddy.com".

    Funnily enough, I saw an "Inside Edition" update on this woman. They covertly filmed her for several days as she shopped, exercised, walked around fine. Once the cameras approached her for an interview about her miracle cure, she began talking with a British accent and walking sideways like a crab. Funnily enough, even the FDA report of her 'vaccine reaction' states that there was a "strong psychogenic component".

    Mmmm... not a strong evidence of vaccine damage, more of something astray upstairs, I think!
  4. by   btwnthelines
    We should not be so quick to dismiss the short or long term effects of vaccines. We are all aware of the improper records, incomplete studies on both sides, sponsored studies and legislation by the companies manufacturing them.

    It could be compared to any sales industry. We drink from plastic bottles, yet we're over run with them and there have been studies that show bottled water contains bacteria from the point it is bottled. Of course manufacturers can still profit from them and more and more funding goes to resolving the problem instead of just stopping the manufacture of them. Why is that so? We can build a space ship and other equipment that can withstand extreme cold and heat (Worked on test equipment and applied straps to mother boards that went into the guidance system for a certain Rover mission when I worked for a well known eletronics manufacturer), but can't design a car that is completely safe; really? There vaccines available without preservatives, but it's cheaper for hospitals, doctor's offices, etc. to buy them in bulk full of crap to be able to sit on shelves for long periods of time. I'm sorry but everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    We talk about the preservatives, but what about the way the vaccines are made? Why aren't we discussing that? Has anyone considered that maybe certain childhood diseases should exists. Why am I vaccinating my child for sexually transmitted diseases in infancy or as a toddler? Why have other countries changed their vaccination schedules and banned others, yet our government is requiring DTp for a diploma? And who sponsored the legislation? Hello!! Does anyone else smell fish?
  5. by   ♪♫ in my ♥
    Quote from btwnthelines
    Has anyone considered that maybe certain childhood diseases should exists.
    Well, it certainly helps with population control.
  6. by   palemoon
    Ah, I heard about her. Psychogenic or not, I'm glad she's at least doing better. I've had drug-induced dystonia in my back, neck, hands, feet, and eyes from Geodon and it is excruciatingly painful and scary to lose control of your body like that.
  7. by   dissent
    Quote from btwnthelines
    We talk about the preservatives, but what about the way the vaccines are made? Why aren't we discussing that? Has anyone considered that maybe certain childhood diseases should exists. Why am I vaccinating my child for sexually transmitted diseases in infancy or as a toddler?
    Which childhood disease covered by vaccines should exist?

    Hep B- acquiring Hep B early in childhood makes the likelihood of getting chronic hep B almost 90% while getting it in adulthood it is only around 10%. Most adults will clear it while children will not.
    DTP- all associated with high mortality and morbidity.
    Haemophilus B- causes meningitis and epiglotitis both conditions with high mortality in kids
    Pneumococcal- causes pneumonia, OM and meningitis again mortality and morbidity.
    Flu- high mortality in the young.
    Polio- paralysis
    MMR- high morbidity and can be fatal in kids occasionally. In pregnancy causes HUGE problems to the fetus.
    Varicella- morbidity
    Hep A- can cause acute liver failure although usually milder in kids.
    Meningococcal- meningitis- mortality, morbidity.
    Rotavirus- decent amt of morbidity. This is really the only one of the bunch that could potentially go.

    In terms of the gardasil vaccine, it is given so early so that kids don't get infected. Get 'em before they get sexaully active. I cannot tell you how many patients I see who have HPV causing cancer of the vagina, cervix and vulva or intraepithelial neoplasias. It's so easy to prevent with a vaccine and HPV has become so ubiquitous that anyone who is sexually active these days gets exposed.
  8. by   dudette10
    During her diagnostic tests, did anyone think of identifying the strain of flu that made her sick, compared to the strains she was vaccinated for?