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Telemetry, Ortho, Resp, Float Pool
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musiklover has 11 years experience and specializes in Telemetry, Ortho, Resp, Float Pool.

I have a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful children. My first love is cardiac care. My passion is music. I play piano and violin and teach music at my daughter's private elementary school. I am the choir director at my church.

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    Relocating to Harrisburg, PA

    Hi! Hbg is a great place to live and work. I work at 2 local Hbg hospitals and absolutely love it! The hospital system that I work for is great(not that it doesn't have it's issues at times:)but overall I don't have any complaints. As for the area, Harrisburg is very centrally located. There is a lot to do here and see. You are very close to the Hershey area-Hershey Park and all the attractions there. There are plenty of local semi pro sports teams if you are into sports including hockey, baseball, football and soccer. The area is nestled along the Appalachian Mountains so there is plenty of hiking and biking trails as well as state parks. The Susquehanna River runs right through Harrisburg so there are plenty of boating and river activities(City Island). I know I'm missing a lot of "things to do" but it's a very beautiful area. I'm not sure where you're coming from but Harrisburg is great because you can take a lot of nice day trips to places like Lancaster, Philly and Baltimore and they're all within 2hrs or so. Hope this helps.