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  1. by   Roy Fokker
    You mean other than the ways I prepare for any other calamity? Natural or man-made?

    I have a "bail out" kit at home and I also store a partial one in the trunk of my car.

    NO, I don't live in a so-called "volatile zone" of the Earth...
    ... but calamities don't announce themselves prior to their arrival.

    Survival has more to do with "attitude" than "equipment".
    OR, as I like to say : "If everyone prepared for a 'disaster', it wouldn't BE a disaster".

  2. by   Nurse_FF_EMT
    So now we have a decent cluster in Mexico City, (plus I would only guess how many unreported cases in rural Mexico), 4 US states, Canada, and now a potential outbreak halfway around the globe in New Zealand.

    Is the WHO just being trigger shy and is trying to avoid moving to phase 4? It seemed like the WHO was over every new case of human Avian Flu, but it seems to some like they are sitting on thier hands here. Could it be because the WHO has pointed to the Avian flu as the next carrier of doom, and we got sideswiped without warning by this thing? This whole situation is very interesting, is New Zealand just starting their flu season right about now since they are in the southern hemisphere?
  3. by   Nurse_FF_EMT
    From the WHO:

    Phase 4 is characterized by verified human-to-human transmission of an animal or human-animal influenza reassortant virus able to cause "community-level outbreaks." The ability to cause sustained disease outbreaks in a community marks a significant upwards shift in the risk for a pandemic. Any country that suspects or has verified such an event should urgently consult with WHO so that the situation can be jointly assessed and a decision made by the affected country if implementation of a rapid pandemic containment operation is warranted. Phase 4 indicates a significant increase in risk of a pandemic but does not necessarily mean that a pandemic is a forgone conclusion.

    Phase 5 is characterized by human-to-human spread of the virus into at least two countries in one WHO region (Figure 4). While most countries will not be affected at this stage, the declaration of Phase 5 is a strong signal that a pandemic is imminent and that the time to finalize the organization, communication, and implementation of the planned mitigation measures is short.

    It seems like we should be at least @ Phase 4
  4. by   greenjungle
    This does not look good by the hour. Better start stocking on masks and food.
  5. by   indigo girl
    10 Students in New Zealand Test Positive For H1N1 Swine Flu


    This video is saying that the New Zealand cases are positive for Swine Flu. They also say that they were quarantined early. That may be true, but of course, their fellow passengers were out and about...



    Israel has a suspect case.

    Lord help us if this hits Cairo or Jakarta. We do not need co-infections of H5N1 with Swine Flu.

    Quote from www.emaxhealth.com

    While the influenza is generally on decline in Israel, the country's health minister reported the first suspected case of swine flu in Israel. The patient just returned from Mexico and displayed swine flu symptoms. He is now hospitalized and the authorities are trying to determine if the person really has a swine flu, reports Ynetnews..
  6. by   indigo girl
    WHO Updates Their Pandemic Phase Description Page


    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com

    While the WHO (World Health Organization) declined yesterday to change the world's current pandemic alert level (sitting at Phase 3) pending the receipt of more detailed information, they have made major changes to their pandemic phase page.

    It would seem to this blogger, based on the press reports we've been seeing, that the outbreaks in Mexico meet this criteria. One has to wonder if this weekend's WHO webpage update isn't a prelude to some kind of announcement.
    Yes, lots of us would agree that the WHO's definition has been met.



    Quote from www.news.com.au

    French health authorities have found two suspected cases of swine flu in travellers returning from Mexico.

    Other cases are expected to follow, the top French health official said in an interview on Sunday.

    "We do have suspicions, but these have not been confirmed, about two people who have returned from Mexico," general health director Didier Houssin told Le Parisien newspaper.

    "There will certainly not be a lack of other cases in the coming days because there have been a lot of flights and boat trips" from Mexico, he added.
  7. by   indigo girl
    The UK


    Quote from uk.reuters.com

    Tests on a British Airways cabin crew member taken to a London hospital suffering flu-like symptoms have shown he does not have swine flu which has killed up to 81 in Mexico, the hospital said on Sunday.

    The man was taken to Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, northwest London, on Saturday afternoon as a precautionary measure after his flight from Mexico City touched down at Heathrow.

    Tests proved negative for the new type of swine flu.
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    How is swine flu treated? I am not seeing any resources of how. Is there a vaccine? I work very close to the area here in New York, and I am praying that there will be a town hall meeting to alert us to how this is treated and will we be innoculated.
  9. by   pagandeva2000
    I just answered my own question through CDC. Here is the link: http://www.cdc.gov/swineflu/swineflu_you.htm
  10. by   indigo girl
    If it is mild, then just treat the symtoms. If severe, the person is hospitalized with supportive care given, started on Tamiflu hopefully within 48 hours, and may need to be entubated.

    We know that steroids do not work with bird flu. I would imagine that is also the case for Swine flu but I do not know for sure.
    Most likely the CDC and the WHO are looking at the clinical picture in Mexico to see what works.

    There is no vaccine yet and there will not be one for months according to the CDC. They are developing a seed strain for a vaccine.
  11. by   pagandeva2000
    There is a private Catholic school that is a few miles away from where I work/live that may be affected. We may have to watch for people coming to the hospital with symptoms, so, I know the minute that myself or anyone in my family even breaths symptoms, we are going to our own physician PRONTO!
  12. by   indigo girl
    WHO To Convene On Tuesday To Discuss Changing Pandemic Alert Level


    Shall we take bets on what they are going to do? They now have left many epidemologists with their jaws dropping in amazement that the WHO has not adhered to their own guidedlines. A lot can change in two days!

    Quote from afludiary.blogspot.com

    "We need more epidemiological evidence from Mexico before the experts would be in a position to advise on a pandemic change," WHO spokesman Gregory Hartl told Reuters on Sunday.

    "An advisory body will recommend whether or not the director-general should up (raise) the phase. They are meeting again on Tuesday," he said.
  13. by   oramar
    Someone posted an article that claimed the President was exposed to a person who died a week later from the flu. MSNBC just addressed this and they say that indeed the person who shook the President's hand had died but that it was from non flu related causes. Even so, that was over 10 days ago and the Pres would be sick already if he had been exposed.