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  1. linda2097

    Medicine error

    Whenever I give a drug to a physician, I ALWAYS ask him, "is this the right drug?" even if I already know that it is the right drug. This forces them to look at the drug and confirm it. You need to tell us the drug to help us decide how serious this incident is.
  2. linda2097


    It's better to clip right before prepping because clipping causes microtears in the skin opening it up to infection
  3. linda2097

    newbie questions

    Can anyone else tell me what type of nursing experience is recommended before trying case management?
  4. linda2097

    newbie questions

    How much med-surg experience is required?
  5. linda2097

    newbie questions

    Hello All. I have a BSN and several years of operating room experience. I have zero med-surg experience. Do I qualify to become a case manager? My hospital posted a per diem case management position.
  6. linda2097

    Interview assistance needed

    Tell that that home health nursing has taught you to think on your feet and has built your self-confidence which will make you a strong O.R. nurse.
  7. linda2097

    Start OR in a couple days

    Expect a lot of stress. Exercise regularly and get plenty of sleep. Think of your job as a sport.
  8. linda2097

    RNFA training

    Denver January 22-24. See link.... http://www.rnfa.org/index.html
  9. linda2097

    "blame the nurse" in the OR??

    Buy your own malpractice insurance, and be very careful. Not much else you can do. Just do your best.
  10. linda2097

    speeding while on call

    Guess it depends on the cop. Some cops might blame you for not staying close to the hospital while on call.
  11. linda2097

    Why do you put up with the abuse?

    Bills to pay.
  12. linda2097

    skirts in the OR

    Perineal fallout is not much to worry about since the floor of the O.R. is disgusting to begin with. It's not like nurses hang over the sterile field. Pants are better than skirts if you have to crawl on the floor to look for a lost needle. Pants protect your legs from blood splatter. I think it's fine for nurses to wear skirts but it's impractical.
  13. linda2097

    First Assist Program at Angelo Stae

    The particular program to which she is applying does require a masters unless she is CNOR. See link.... http://www.angelo.edu/dept/nursing/rnfa.html Most other RNFA courses do not even require a BSN. All you need is your RN plus O.R. experience.
  14. linda2097

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    I've been around the block. The good news is that if you do the same exact surgery all the time, eventually it will become easy. You prepare the drugs for all the patients at the same time at the beginning of the day, right? Also, when I did phacos, we used 2 different O.R. suites and 2 teams. The surgeon went back and forth to each room and knocked out the cases. This gave the staff more time to get each patient ready.
  15. linda2097

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    Let me guess. Myringotomies or Phacos?
  16. linda2097

    do you prefer long or short surgeries?

    Long cases because turnovers are the most hectic part of circulating.