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Who would think that a normally healthy woman would die so swiftly from influenza in June? Could you ever have imagined such a thing? No wonder her family and friends are in shock. So why did... Read More

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    Wow, someone missed some data here! Sure would like to know if Tamiflu/Antivirals were given? Duh.
    Some article. Typical media. Guy was prolly having an ALL Rxn to something they gave him he'd never had before..... hmmmm

    My Immune system is so strong it kills the cockroaches in the backyard!

    Adapt or die (Darwin) This goes for our careers too.....
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    There are two cases in this article but, the child is more likely not to have had any prior health issues. The GP was carrying some extra weight that might have contributed to his demise. This is a very sad story as these cases always are.

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    She is the first child in the UK without underlying health problems to be killed by the virus.
    Chloe Buckley, who lived in West Drayton, London, died at St Mary's Hospital in Paddington a day after her doctor allegedly misdiagnosed her illness as tonsillitis.

    It is claimed the schoolgirl was taken to her GP with a sore throat on Wednesday but was sent home without being prescribed the antiviral flu drug Tamiflu. Her condition deteriorated overnight and her parents Michael, 40, and Jacinta, 37, then rushed Chloe to Hillingdon Hospital in Uxbridge on Thursday morning.

    She was transferred for emergency treatment to St Mary's but died a few hours later on Thursday evening. She was due to celebrate her seventh birthday on Friday.

    Provisional tests revealed she had contracted swine flu although a post mortem is expected to confirm the cause of death today.
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    Cordoba, Argentina

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    Argentina's A/H1N1 flu death toll rose on Thursday to 155 after health authorities confirmed the death of a 31-year-old male patient in Cordoba province, some 700 km west of Buenos Aires.

    Cordoba's Health Director Oscar Gonzalez said that the patient was hospitalized with flu symptoms on June 11 in the provincial capital. Then his situation went worse.

    The patients received respiratory assistance, and tested positive for A/H1N1 flu on July 13, said Gonzalez, adding that the victim did not suffer from other major diseases.
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    I am placing this Swedish case here because this was a previously healthy young person. He is still alive though in critical condition, and ECMO is use. He was not given Tamiflu initially because like so many others, he tested negative on the rapid flu test.

    This appears to be Sweden's first severe case. Other media reports indicate that he was probably infected by his girlfriend who had a mild case after her return from a vacation in Cyprus. Christer Liedgren is the physician caring for this patient.

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    Situation is becoming worse and worse for the 22-year-old man who is cared for with swine influenza in Norrköping.

    He now fights for his life.

    Doctors are preparing for an artificial lung.

    The man was hospitalized last week after it was found that had developed a severe pneumonia. The disease requires treatment by a ventilator.

    Artificial lung
    On Monday came information that the man's condition has become worse. He is fighting now for his life and the care of respirator is no longer suffices.

    Now efforts are prepared with an artificial lung, known as ECMO-treatment, writes Dagens Nyheter.

    - Despite increased oxygen supply the oxygen saturation in the blood is falling, " says Christer Liedgren to

    Already on Sunday Vrinnevi Hospital took contact with ECMO team at the Karolinska University Hospital (KS) in Stockholm.

    On Monday, the ECMO treatment will start at the Vrinnevi Hospital. Where the patient then will be cared for, is still unclear.

    According to Christer Liedgren he will be moved.

    Was completely healthy
    The 22-year-old is a previously completely healthy man. He was probably infected by a relative who had been traveling in Southern Europe. Doctors have no explanation for why the 22-year-old has been hit so hard. The case is described as the, so far, most serious case of H1N1-flu in Sweden.

    - There is nothing in his condition picture that explains why he hit so hard, "says Liedgren.
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    Lee's County, Florida

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    The Lee County Health Department confirmed the county's first death from the H1N1 virus Wednesday.

    The 51 year old man who died had no pre-existing medical conditions or chronic illnesses according to the Health Department. He was one of forty-three confirmed cases of swine flu in Lee County since April.
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    I wonder if he was obese or had heart disease that hadn't been discovered. I want that kind of answer because my husband is 50...........
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    Quote from indigo girl

    There are two cases in this article but, the child is more likely not to have had any prior health issues. The GP was carrying some extra weight that might have contributed to his demise. This is a very sad story as these cases always are.
    It rankles me that she was misdiagnosed as tonsillitis. Hello, we are in the middle of an influenza pandemic here.
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    Quote from CrunchRN
    I wonder if he was obese or had heart disease that hadn't been discovered. I want that kind of answer because my husband is 50...........
    You are referring to post #56? If he had a heart problem or was obese, they would have said that he had a prior existing health problem. By this time, it is well known that this flu virus can kill in the presence of obesity and heart disease.

    When they say there were no exacerbating factors, it means that they cannot explain his death in any other way. It is most likely that he developed viral pneumonia and possibly multi-organ failure. To me, 51 is young to be dying in this way for an otherwise healthy man. I think that we can expect to see many more cases like this.
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    New Zealand

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    A 27-YEAR-OLD man who died of suspected swine flu on Friday may be the first New Zealand victim of the pandemic who did not have any other medical problems.

    Stephen Russell Lavelle, an electrician from Invercargill, was flown to Auckland Hospital last week and died early on Friday.

    The Ministry of Health was yesterday working to confirm whether Lavelle died of swine flu, and whether he had any other health problems.

    Spokesman Peter Abernethy said this should be confirmed in the next few days.

    But one of Lavelle's relatives claimed he was struck down by swine flu despite having no other medical problems. The relative started a discussion thread on TradeMe message boards just hours after Lavelle died, saying she was in shock because Lavelle was a healthy person who had not even caught a cold this winter.

    "How does a previously healthy young man of not even 30 years old die of swine flu? ... He was in hospital a week, and they couldn't do a darn thing."

    Swine flu is more dangerous in people with underlying medical conditions, and Lavelle's death came as the New Zealand Medical Journal published reports that swine flu was more infectious here than first thought. Instead of every two sick people infecting three others (rate based on data from Mexico), in New Zealand, every sick person was infecting nearly two others. Based on this transmission rate, 79% of New Zealanders would catch swine flu, although not all would fall sick.
    (hat tip flutrackers/chuck)
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    Indigo Girl,

    I am curious.

    What do you and the Flu Trackers think (I know no-one knows!) our fall flu season will look like?

    Are you making any special preparations?

    Thanks so much for all the info you provide here.
  11. by   indigo girl
    My impression is that we will be very, very busy!
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    I forgot to say that I am already working in a major medical center which has alread seen 3 swine flu deaths recently this summer. Staff is starting to get sick.

    Probably the best way for me to help contribute in this hugh facility is to try educate in a responsible way, and advocate for promoting change in the way risks are being communicated in my hospital. That may be the best that I can do. I am known as a quiet person, but I am quietly persistant, and I know my subject well. There are areas where the hospital could be doing a better job, and this is what I can work on.
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    Quote from indigo girl
    but, what we are seeing in some places, utah comes to mind, is that officials are choosing not to divulge disturbing facts regarding severe cases.
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    this is a very unsettling trend, and is not unlike the censorship that we are seeing in indonesia where we must depend on grieving family members talking to the media to know that someone who was previously healthy has died from influenza. only this is not indonesia. this is here in our own country, and we pay the salaries of the public health officials that are deciding what, or what not to tell us about recent deaths.

    this is very scary stuff...almost something you'd watch in a bad 'made-for-tv' movie. it's one thing for someone with a compromised immune system to get sick and die, but someone who is otherwise healthy getting sick enough that they die from it gives me the heebie jeebies. for me, anything censored by "officials" makes me think cover up which is a whole other set of heebie jeebies.

    thanks for all the articles you are posting....