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Direct Entry MSN CSUF

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Hello all,

Has anybody heard any news about the new direct-entry MSN program at CSUF? I went to the campus today and picked up an application and while I was there asked asked about the overall interest in the program. I was told it seems like its going to be a very competative group of people. Anyone here applying? We can all go through this together :monkeydance:


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hey! im actually completing my prereqs at fullerton right now..from what i heard there were about 350 applicants and theyre inviting back about 120 students for interviews. I believe they sent the letters on friday and emails are going out as well. so yes..its going to be pretty competitive.. but i wish u luck on your application!

Hi, I've also applied to CSU Fullerton's Entry MSN program. I received an email on March 3rd inviting me to an on campus interview. The interview will be 3.5 hours long and consist of both group and one-on-one interviews! Good Luck to you all!!!


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Congratulations! When's ur interview? Mine is Thursday morning


My interview is Thurs, March 22 from 12:30-4:00. I'm pretty nervous, as that seems like a really large time frame!!

Is CSUFullerton your top choice?

Do you have any interview prep tips? hehe

I've received an interview date via email also for March 22nd at 12:30pm - 4pm!! Congrats to you all! We've made it to the next stage!

Congratulations! Mine's on the 21st! At least we are finally making some progress..lol It seems I applied to all the schools that notify the latest! ARRGGGHH:lol2:

Hi there! I have a question... After the interview sessions, how soon do we find out whether we have been accepted or not? Do any of you know how the interview sessions will be carried out? Thanks!

Does anyone know how many positions they have to fill from the 120 interviewees?

Hi Asherah!

I emailed the CSUF EL-MSN coordinator yesterday and she said that they will be interviewing approximately 175 applicants for 60-65 spots. So now it all depends on how many applicants RSVP, declined, etc. It seems that the odds are so slim for nursing schools. But at least an interview helps in looking at the person as a whole rather than just numbers. :)

CSUF EL-MSN program looks like a good program. I attended their info session and was pretty impressed in how they have the curriculum planned out and their campus will have simulated rooms for clinical practice. Also, it's a straight pathway to the MSN in Nursing Administration/Community Public Health certificate. The director also mentioned that one might be able to go straight into their Women's Health NP/Midwife program. Pretty cool options.

I am interested as well, although I missed the application window for this Fall (I was so focused on UCLA!). I've emailed regarding the next information sessions and will definitely attend when one is scheduled. It sounds like another competitive applicant pool, but I am glad there are interviews factored in.

Good luck dko1! :)

Thanks Asherah!

Yep, I guess the competitive applicant pools are inevitable to us, but all we can hope for is that we will end up somewhere. :rolleyes:

I'll definitely keep you posted. :)

Hi all!

I was looking at the CSUF website, but I couldn't find any information about a direct entry MSN program (besides the ADN to MSN program). Is this a program for RNs who have their associates, and not for non-RNs who have bachelor degrees?

Any information would be appreciated! =)

Hey has anyone had the interview yet? I was just curious to see how the whole set up was...what types of questions they were asking, etc.?? I heard there was going to be some one-on-one and some group interviews with current faculty but four hours is a long window for an interview! lol

Thanks :specs:

Nevermind my previous question! I was looking at the nursing webpage through the university site but found the nursing.fullerton.edu site!

if anyone attended their information sessions offered previously was the tuition/cost discussed, per unit, flat fee by semester, entire program? it doesn't seem to give an estimate of fees on the information website.

just trying to get an idea so i can compare/contrast with other programs. :)

also, the information package states:

coursework (18 months) will provide theoretical knowledge and clinical experiences in the areas of medical-surgical, maternal/child, mental health/psychiatric, geriatric, and community-based nursing that qualify the student for rn licensure. graduate level courses (18 months) will provide advanced health assessment, pharmacology, and pathophysiology content as well as clinical preceptorship experiences designed to help the student assume a clinical leadership role.

is this equating to a total of 36-months for program completion, or 18-months combined? i've emailed imelda ramirez regarding these questions, and am awaiting a reply.

Hi Asherah!

At the info session, the director said that the program is a total of 3 years. The first 1.5 years is dedicated for preparation for the NCLEX. So after the first 1.5 years the students will take the exam. The remaining 1.5 years is dedicated to the master's portion of the program which is a direct pathway to the MSN in Nursing Administration/Community Public Health certificate.

So overall, it's a total of 36 months. As I could recall she said that the students would be able to do a direct pathway to the Women's health NP or Nurse Midwife.

Hope this helps! :nuke:

So for everyone who attended the group interviews, how did it go? Did they let you know when you'll be notified of admission either way? :)

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