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Digital voice recorders

I am about to apply for nursing school! I noticed that many of my fellow students were using the hand-held digital voice recorders. I was wondering if this is something I should be shopping for. Did you find it extremely useful? Was it time-consuming to listen to the lectures again? Did your teachers mind you using them?

I am a very good note taker, coming from the "old school" style of lectures. This is my second time around in college.

Also if you really love yours, please tell me more about the make/model. I have a mac and I heard the Olympus ones are not compatible. I am not sure though that I would be plugging into the computer anyway. I would probably just listen to it like a radio.

Thanks! :)

I use my Palm LifeDrive as a recorder. I tape all of the lectures and then convert them to mp4 and put them on my iPod. Come time for finals I don't have to worry if my notes are missing something, I can (and do) go back and re-listen to the lectures. Even if you take great notes you may miss something or get distracted (I do often). You don't have to listen to the whole lecture over again, just use it to clarify your notes when necessary. I also keep them from previous semesters to refer back to when I need to.

I have never had a Prof. tell me I couldn't record a lecture.

Good luck!

I have two. Started out with an Olympus (~$80). Then, came across a Nextar 1G MP3 player/Digital Voice recorder ($19.95) at the store where I work. Actually like the Nextar better as I can listen to what I record and also upload MP3's of lectures from Tegrity if I want. We have theater style seating in class, so I'm not always close, but I've never had a problem picking up the lecture. I don't always re-listen to the lectures, but it's my backup in case I have a question about something in my notes.


Did you find it extremely useful? Was it time-consuming to listen to the lectures again? Did your teachers mind you using them?!

I bought one out of necessity for one of my teachers. He was the micro-machine man with Sean Connery's accent. The recorder was very helpful for his class and I was download them to my computer and then put them on my iPod to listen to instead of draining my recorder batteries.

I haven't really used it since then, unless I feel like ignoring my teacher for the day and catching up later. :)

I have a mid-priced Sony and it works just fine!


I use the Olympus VN-2100PC, and I love it. I bought it last year & paid $30.00 from Amazon & I recommended it to a classmate, but the price shot up to $80.00... I just checked it now & it's available for $54.59. I also bought the mic for $15.00, which makes everything clear. I use it all the time & often refer back to lectures when studying. I also convert the files & put then on my ipod.

Before you buy one, make sure you can return it if you are not satisfied or not what you expected after you try it out. That is just to be cautious, electronics has very short return period and make sure you keep the receipt.

You definitely will need one and may also use it for general purpose later on after school.

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I have the olympus digital voice recorder and I love IT ! I record the lectures and sometimes I also record the ppt.s word from word. I find it extremly helpful. I listen to it while driving, sleeping, upon waking up, doing make up, working out and etc. I have an exam this week( this is my first time using one since Starting NS) so I'm hoping that all the listening and recording was worth it ! We'll see on Wednesday !

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