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  1. Tampa Nurse

    What is the priority?

    Thank you so much Daytonite! I'm going back and rewording. Your help is very much appreciated! :) Brooke
  2. Tampa Nurse

    Digital voice recorders

    I bought one out of necessity for one of my teachers. He was the micro-machine man with Sean Connery's accent. The recorder was very helpful for his class and I was download them to my computer and then put them on my iPod to listen to instead of draining my recorder batteries. I haven't really used it since then, unless I feel like ignoring my teacher for the day and catching up later. :) I have a mid-priced Sony and it works just fine! Brooke
  3. Tampa Nurse

    What is the priority?

    Hi everyone! I've been lurking here for a while and really enjoy this community. I've come out of the shadows in need of help! :wink2: I'm writing my last care plan for the semester and we have to have all potential nursing diagnoses for out patient in order of priority. I've read the sticky thread on care plans but i'm still confused! Should "Risk for" diagnoses be listed last? I thought I read this somehwere but can't remember where. My patient is a 75 year old female with a new diagnoses of Myasthenia Gravis with history of: hypertension, hyperlipidemia, MI, CAD, and DM type 2. Here is my list so far. Any recommendations on ordering? After I prioritize I have to write three complete care plans. yay! 1. Activity Intolerance related to muscle weakness and fatigability. 2. Imbalanced nutrition: more than body requirements related to intake in excess of activity expenditure as evidenced by a BMI of 25.2. 3. Constipation related to inadequate fluid intake and low fiber diet as evidenced by patient report of straining at stools. 4. Disturbed body image related to inability to maintain usual lifestyle and role responsibilities. 5. Disturbed sensory (visual) perception related to ptosis as evidenced by double vision. 6. Fear related to anticipation of disease process as evidenced by patient report of fearful feelings. 7. Compromised family coping related to overwhelming situation as evidenced by tearful visit from patient’s daughter. 8. Deficient knowledge related to diagnosis of new condition as evidenced by numerous questions about new diagnosis. 9. Risk for aspiration related to impaired swallowing secondary to disease process. 10. Risk for injury related to decreased tactile sensation. 11. Risk for falls related to visual difficulties, unfamiliar, dimly lit room, and impaired physical mobility. 12. Risk for peripheral neurovascular dysfunction related to vascular effects of diabetes. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions! Brooke