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  1. rn_nxt_dr

    Outsourcing your Contract

    "Most vendor management contracts prohibit subcontracting from one agency to another. As the traveler, you are two steps removed from the hospital in the usual scenario you are in: hospital>vendor manager>your agency>you. So I'm not understanding how there was yet another agency involved." The other "agency" involved was the internal recruiter for the hospital/organization and contracted with outsourced company # 1. Undisclosed by originating agency, do you really think they are unaware?...I don't think so. I was told of company #1 but not company # 2. How sick is that? And they turn around and still want to keep me? Makes me sick. But thank you for enlightening their process, however, we do have better options than to be exploited this way.
  2. rn_nxt_dr

    Outsourcing your Contract

    I had my last horrible travel experience in SoCal last June when I was outsourced to not 1 company but 2 until I got to the jobsite. Undisclosed by the originating company. What did you experienced if any as horrible as this? Decided to go perm after this disgusting last travel contract. For those who are just starting out, ASK if you will be outsourced and to connect with that company's counterpart to learn more of your fate. Otherwise, if your originating company refuses and make excuses as to why you are prohibited, don't go for the contract. Find a different honest company who will level with you. I was prohibited from speaking to outsourced company # 1 ---- I know now why. Do not make the same mistake as I did.
  3. rn_nxt_dr

    Wound Nurse Workload in SNF's "We'll let the wound nurse know"

    If you have no worries in life like a small child, a husband ---- go become a Travel Wound Care Nurse. There's tremendous need for your experience. Go for it! I would again....after I obtain and become CWCN. Forget about the SNFs....they're a pain and low pay. Go for it!
  4. rn_nxt_dr

    Penile ulcer..HELP!

    Thanks David! Healing from the inside out that is always underserved. We need more nutritional assessment and follow through with this and diligence. Not only what the eyes can see.
  5. rn_nxt_dr

    Measure epithelialization as part of wound?

    Wounds are not considered "healed", it is closed or newly epithelialized until granulation is achieved which is the sign of would healing. Only open areas are measured.
  6. rn_nxt_dr

    Dry Gangrene to Lower Leg

    I suggest petroleum gauze or adaptic dressing and secondary dressing of conforming gauze roll.
  7. rn_nxt_dr

    Bad Contracts

    AMN Missed Shifts that charges you $ 18/hr.---outrageous! Even when you're sick! I can imagine my fault for missing a shift but being sick is over the top. This is total GREED! Remember to take Housing Stipend than taking their offered housing because you may not have the option but whatever they'll offer you----then you're stuck! There are better companies out there.
  8. It was with AMN. They are even threatening to contact past and present employers I had been that I was ill and that I have to present a medical certificate clearing me and without physical limitations. You cannot recoup missed shifts within the pay period because departments has set schedules, you cannot make up for it even if you want to. Well, fellow Travelers disregard this company or any other company that are all about corporate greed, without nurses who wants to come on board with them they have no business. They should be told that it is inhumane, we are not machines, we are humans who get sick. At least have certain sick calls be included on the contract.
  9. My company makes me pay them 70% of base hourly rate. The missed shift is allowed to be made up within the same pay period but the most egregious is including when you're sick. It made me feel sicker! Please share your experiences so we may all rise up to change things and be treated with dignity, after all, what good are these companies without nurses who wish not to travel if they learn that company coffers first and last priority, even when you're sick. Thank you.
  10. rn_nxt_dr

    Home Health Travel Nursing

    HH travel assignments require 1-2 years depending on facility/hospital based requirements. Travel companies? google them and just apply but keep 3-4 companies to work with because it will open you up to negotiate rates, stipends and housing subsidy. They are not all fair as you will learn as you get on with it. Good luck.
  11. rn_nxt_dr

    Reporting med errors...

    I think we have to face the reality of a termination if such a thing happens. It just depends of the company policy for 1st offense. But admitting mistakes is more for the patient than for yourself because detrimental consequences could have happened and thank God this wasn't the case. Honesty will get you a long way even if it hits you hard but in the long run you can live with yourself.
  12. Thanks for all your rseponses. I did raise the issue with the DON---after the third incident, she told me about the E-kit, which was hardly full, even NPH back-up is not available. I was told that I will be moving to another position (unnamed), my schedule was re-arranged, I was suddenly asked to not show up on a scheduled work bec. of a new schedule and to call the DON and clarify and I never heard back again. So, this is LTC? When your own supervisor treat you like a piece of ---- and was just brushed off for raising a relevant issue that may affect patients, much less hurt them? I called the Ombudsman and expressed my concerns, the rep said that it's a common thing in LTC---they got to do what they got to do. So, I just dropped the idea because they too didn't do anything. So, this is nursing? I hope to get this to the residents' families and get it to the public to give these nursing homes a boot! It's an outrage that this is happening---simple procedural drug supply can't even be met. I am truly disappointed. If there's a DON out there reading this....why do you do what you do and how do you address this? It may sound simple but this is a violation nonetheless. And these nurses training me who have the audacity to say ----"I know this is wrong but this is what you should do"................
  13. On my 2nd week of orientation, I saw this happen under 3 different nurses. The patient's medication packet was empty and the trainer pulled the drug from another patient's medication packet to satisfy the MAR; because as we all say, if it's not documented, it was not done. The 4th incident was a patient's NPH, no NPH bottle, and the 4th nurse said to me, "I know this is wrong but this is how you do it, take this NPH (another patient's NPH) and draw what you need." I refused and asked for the emergency kit, and it was also empty. What would you do? Where to report other than LTC Ombudsman? This is criminal and they have to be punished.
  14. rn_nxt_dr

    Can you really change a bad LTC?

    No, you can't change a bad LTC because it is deeply rooted to the Corporate culture and the people they hire from the top to the trenches, the Administrator and DON----they control the floor. I had started working at this LTC and by the 5th week, I've been pushed out even though the DON knew that I am without experience and they lack the training structure or they simply don't want to train. When I did not work out on the floor, I was dribbled from place to place until I no longer have a schedule---apparently, that's how the DON push people out when they're done with them and simply do not respond to any follow-ups that the employee inquire about, until you get the message. I am at that point right now, DON spinning the situation until no legitimate schedule to follow because the DON had scrambled the tasks for me to do to justify what they were paying me. Whenever you speak your mind, they will retaliate. There are other jobs out there. They are a waste of people's time but not for the desperate esp. with this economic climate. For those who can stand up to them and tell it like it is, hey, more power to us all!
  15. rn_nxt_dr

    Too Old?!

    If you have the option to relocate---do it. But with just one hospital in town hiring...that's not good. I'm in CA----tons of hospitals hiring but you must be experienced, at least 1 year. Not a new grad either, I have to take the RN Refresher course but I'm not intimidated by the age factor. You have to show them what you got during the interview. Again, some I've heard that they asked for case scenarios in which if you're inexperienced, would be a challenging thing to respond to.
  16. rn_nxt_dr

    Resume writing service

    Why don't you consider resume writing books from the public library to get some ideas. It provides websites also if you want more information. Start now by getting your experiences together. Arrange them in chronological order in terms of work experiences, education, certifications, volunteer opportunities, awards, affiliation to certain associations, etc. This will make your resume composition easier because you've gathered all the needed info. you'll need to get started. Have fun.