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  1. 20mom10

    What's wrong with this picture?

    She is not wearing gloves. She has her mouth hanging open, just asking for that one in a million accident, blood spurt, pt vomit, etc. She is bending over, her back will be killing her tomorrow.
  2. 20mom10

    Where to Purchase???

    from what I've heard, go with the cardo from littmann over the classic, I use the DRG cardio Ti-Lite and I love it, I would totally recommend it. I like allheart.com the prices are great but the customer service can be lacking.
  3. 20mom10

    A&P I at Rivier vs. Nashua Community

    Dr Cooke is one of the best instructors I've ever had. Even after you finish the class you can always go back to her with questions (even 2 years later). She balances her class well with what nursing students need to know and what biology students need to know.
  4. 20mom10

    Urine-like odor?

    I have heard that sometimes the "sweet" breath of a diabetic can smell like urine to some people
  5. 20mom10

    changing name on passport

    The first question I have is did you keep your maiden name or take your husbands name? if you legally took his name your passport is invalid because you are not legally Mary Doe any more, you are Mary Smith. If your counselor told you that you needed to renew it with your new name why wouldn't you? I have learned the hard way that it is better to take the extra two steps today to avoid the fifty steps tomorrow.
  6. 20mom10

    Can you help me? please

    why don't you start with what you have come up with so far and we can help add to it.
  7. a Podiatrist?
  8. 20mom10

    tympanometry & pneumatoscopy

    pneumatoscopy: application of air into the ear canal during observation Tympanometry is an examination used to test the condition of the middle ear and mobility of the eardrum (tympanic membrane) and the conduction bones by creating variations of air pressure in the ear canal. the best I can figure is that pneumatoscopy applies constant pressure and Tympanometry applies variable pressure.
  9. 20mom10

    Reasons for Flu Vaccine Reluctancy

    What are the reasons for reluctancy of receiving the influenza vaccination by nurses and nurse assistants? My whole family has received the seasonal flu vaccine. I am a nursing student doing clinicals in the hospital, and would hate to bring the flu home to my kids. Obviously I do not want to take it to the patients either. I am reluctant to get the H1N1 vaccine because I have heard many stories of the recipient of the H1N1 getting sick and testing positive for that strain of flu. As a student I can't afford to miss any clinical because of illness, and if I were to carry it to the patients I'm supposed to be caring for, then it didn't serve its purpose. Would it be helpful if the healthcare facility provided an educational influenza vaccine program that addressed these issues so that well-informed, evidence-based choices can be made by these healthcare workers? I would probably help those who are unsure, but some people will not budge once they have an opinion on something. If a healthcare facility provided a positive incentive to receive the influenza vaccination, would that influence your decision? If the facility were to make accommodations in the event of an unforeseen reaction (getting the flu), then I would be more likely to get the vaccination.
  10. 20mom10

    Reasons for Flu Vaccine Reluctancy

    do you want the answers here or in a pm?
  11. Don't give up, make your appeal and when you argue your point focus on your own behavior (as your main argument), and if you bring up the other students try not to "blame" them. Don't say "well they got away with ....., why can't I?" A girl in my class tried this and she was asked to not only leave the class, but she was banned from returning to the program ever. Good luck
  12. Those shoes would not be allowed at my program. You need to check your school clinical dress code. My school requires pure white leather and preferably no laces... (lots of places for blood and feces to hide :barf01: )
  13. 20mom10

    Pre-reqs at different schools??

    always check with the nursing department and make sure that the classes will satisfy the requirements. For example don't take a science class that doesn't have a lab component if your nursing program requires it. That just wastes your time and money.
  14. 20mom10

    how to help a struggling student?

    My school requires "med sheets" to be completed for each new med we are dispensing. My clinical instructors also review each med, its purpose, s/e, expected dose, etc. before each administration. You could try using a modified med sheet for your student, sometimes writing the info makes it stick better.
  15. 20mom10

    University of Phoenix-math question-PLEASE ADVISE!

    to start off... No, Univ of Phoenix is not like Devry, Devry actually has physical campuses, UoP does not. It is incorrect to say that you cannot transfer any of your credits from Devry, but many do not transfer. Something like math, English, or psychology should transfer to another school. I would verify with your advisor just to make sure that they will accept credits from UoP, many colleges don't like credits from online-only schools and would gladly take them from Devry or similar institutions. I personally do not like UoP or their practices, so take my opinions with a grain of salt.