Different Stress Relievers, Which Would You Choose?



There are so many different stress relief methods out there on the internet.. I am not sure which product to choose. Therefor I posted this "poll" to see what you all would choose from these different methods.The ones I

found are;

**Self hypnosis products that will guide you into hypnosis to overcome your stress.

**eBooks of people that have overcome stress in their own unique way, and you can buy the eBook that will help you overcome stress the same way they did.

**Devices that will help you control your breathing. These products are the most expensive ones. They will rate your breathing and heart beat so that you can improve it.

**Pills that will relief your stress for a period of time, no subscription needed to order them online.

**Relaxing sounds of nature music cd's that will relax you.

**And Binaural Beat programs, this is a relatively new for of stress relief and other problems. Emotions work on brain frequencies and these binaural beats will bring the brain frequency from stressed to calm and relaxed.

I hope that you will all vote the option that you feel most comfortable with. Thanks!


James Mc Coy

Please try not to get of the topic, thanks!

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I do not see why you have to pay for anything to control your breathing! It is just a question of sitting,quietly and consciously slowing and relaxing till your breathing slows through the relaxation and can take a while to perfect but I have never required any sort of product to do this.

hey nightmare,

Thanks for the reply! Yeah I geuss you're right about that breathing exercise. But what do you think about the other product types? What would you go for, or believe the most in?

I was thinking about that binaural beat method myself.. but im not sure though

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Certain music is good.The Binaural beat sounds interesting too.

I have never heard of the binaural beats for stress relief, but I think you should definetly try that out and let me know how it works so I can look into it!!! I have tried breathing, meds, books, and so much more.......up for anything that isn't crazy :)

haha when I try it out.. I will certainly let you know how it works! What are your experience with those products you tried? I mean it are a lot of different products, so that would mean a lot of em didn't work.. right?

Does this mean that you wouldn't recommend any of those to anyone?

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If this was a sales topic I would be spamming some kind of lionk in it, so no worries.. wouldn't do anything like that :D

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I would like to share my four greatest stress relievers with you:

First one: :cheers:*wine

Second one :tbsk:

Third one: :typing:[anb]:

Fourth and best one: :heartbeat:kiss:yeahthat::igtsyt::smokin:

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This subject has made some people very rich. Look in any bookstore or library and you will find rows of books on the subject.

I believe in the simple things. Write a journal, do something not related to nursing. Participate in your community. This could be in a church, community need, or area that you enjoy. Some of my friends do volunteer programs on public radio. Now there is something different than nursing.

Take a walk or ride a bike. Vent on this site. Others might have the same issues.

Bottom line is to find something that gives you pleasure and do it. Make it a part of you life and keep your money.:wink2:

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