what's the difference between cna and lpn?


Sorry to ask a dumb question, but around here all I ever hear about are LPN programs, not CNA.... Just wondering what the difference is?

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CNAs are nursing assts, and they are not licensed; only certified. The programs for the CNA are only about six weeks long on average and you can usually find them thru nursing homes.

The LPN/LVN is licensed and it is a one year program, that is why you see much more on this title.


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my lpn program is 15 months fulltime. some are even two years long.


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Also, this is an LPN forum, which is why you will see LPN subjects dominate here. Allnurses has a nursing assistant forum as well. Of course, you are invited to search and interact in all of the forums listed, but if you want a higher response in certain areas, it may benefit to go to the forum that speaks more of a certain area in nursing. This web site has forums for pediatrics, ICU, home care, instructors, advance practice nursing, career advice...millions of them. I primarily frequent here because I am an LPN, and also in the general discussion and premium boards. But, if I want to gear questions towards a specific area, and also want to read within that forum (because I may find my answer before I have to post a question), I'll look for the forum where I can best raise my chances for responses from people who have worked in those areas of expertise for a longer time than I have.

There are also forums within geographical areas, so, if you find your state, you may find people who can tell you where CNA programs are within your area. Best of luck, welcome to Allnurses, and feel free to ask questions!

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CNAs are certified nursing assistants.

LPNs are licensed practical nurses.

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