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Well I DID NOT get accepted for the Fall 2005 RN class. A year ago I asked the program director what I needed to do to make sure I got in! I said "If I have a 4.0 will that do it?" She told me absolutely! Well guess what? I have a 4.0 and I did not get in. Apparently this semester (a new requirement) they decided that anyone who had anything in progress (never mind I'll be done in a WEEK) wasn't even considered.

Of course they say I'm a "shoe in" for spring with all classes complete and a 4.0 but I am still SO BUMMED! I am totally in a funk. I am such a planner (it's an disease I know ;o) and of course I had everything planned as to when I would graduate, take my boards and start working, how old my kids would be when I was done, etc. I am trying so desperately to find the good in this situation but so far the only good I can find is that my good friend Ann and I will be in the program together for sure now....

OW I know I am being a complete whiner but I really needed to vent. I just don't even feel like doing ANYTHING but sitting around boo hooing all day. And yes I know that's ridiculous but I am just a giant 30 year old baby! I can't believe how hard I am taking this!

I know there are ladies and gents out there graduating right now who were in the same boat at one point and time! How about some sage advice for the wah wah... (or just tell me I'll be there SOMEDAY!)


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Well, it really will only move back your graduation date by a few months...at least they will let you start in the spring semester, some schools only start once a year and you would have to wait a whole extra year...i understand what you mean about being a planner...i think i have about the next 15 years of my life planned, and anything that doesn't fit the plan makes me very upset...but, sometimes the plan does have to be changed :)


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Geez ONLY 15 years!!! Get on the ball already would you, I'm up to 20!


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I know you must be bummed.... but God has a fabulous way of working things out just the way He planned. Trust me... I know how you feel. My life is mapped out through retirement. I graduated from high school 4 years ago and have been in school the entire time. I was supposed to graduate as a teacher this past May. Funny thing is - I didn't. Actually, a year ago I discovered that my real passion was nursing and I have never been happier in my life. I met one of my dearest friends in the world in this particular rotation. You know what? God used the past 4 years of school to put me exactly where I needed to be today. There is no doubt in my mind that this is right where I'm supposed to be. No, I wouldn't have chosen it for myself... but, I'm darn happy Someone chose it for me.

Keep your chin up. There is a purpose for everything. Even if it doesn't fit in the plan.



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Thanks Z for the hug.. I needed that.

I am SO in touch with the fact that God has a plan for me. ABSOLUTELY! Sometimes though, it would be nice if He would tell me the plan. It would help. I know that's not the idea... but still it really would help. I admire you for your ability to stay focused on the grand scheme of things.

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Yes..I understand. Sometimes I feel He just has a great sense of humour when it comes to my life plan. :)

Smile Joni. Smile and carry on.

We'll all be here for you.



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I am sorry for this disappointment. I was turned down the first time I applied, too. Accepted a WHOLE YEAR later. It turned out, timing was right after all. It will work out, some how! Have faith.


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Sorry you are going through this. If you are interested & able, you could consider getting some other qualification for now that will also be preparing you for what's ahead in the Spring... i.e. take medical terminology, become a CNA, EMT, volunteer, childbirth educator, or work at a hospital, etc... something related that you may enjoy and may benefit you??? Don't know if that helps, just an idea.

I can certainly understand why you feel frustrated! Good luck to you!

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You know I'm right there with ya. :crying2: Remember what you said to me when we first met through this very site...one year ago exactly in May---? That we were meant to meet and that everything happens for a reason. We WERE meant to meet at that time and go through that dreadful chemistry class together that summer and become great friends. We were meant to be in the nursing program together and we WILL be. It's just not when either of us planned. It will be soon, we just have to hold on a little longer.

I hope you can get in the CNA class and then we can go through that together and be that much more prepared to knock them dead in nursing school in January! :)

Believe me, I know how you feel right now. The letdown is huge. It's OK to feel the way you do. Hang in there.


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I had the same thing happen two years ago. I was SHOCKED that I didn't get in - really, absolutely astounded, because they all told me I would.

So last year, I applied to every school I could, and got into two programs. But, I still had to wait a whole year, because all the schools within a 2-hour drive only start in the fall.

Use the year wisely - you're a planner, so plan it out. It is disappointing now, but make the best of it. Maybe if you get your LNA license and start working, you'll end up in a place that will pay for your RN education - you never know!

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