Did I pass?!?!

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I took the NCLEX RN today at 8 in the morning. When I came home I did the pearson trick and got this message. "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam please contact your member board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time". Does this mean I passed?!?! I am soooo nervous.

Thanks again. :)

congrats on good pop up!

what did you use to study?

how was your exam set up?

Hey oztizz184,

Oh that's what everyone been talking about I thought it was something different.

I used Kaplan Classroom Anywhere, which had the kaplan q bank, class sessions, content review and the question trainers. I did a 100 percent of the kaplan q bank questions with a 68 percent correct overall (used both tutorial mode and timed mode). The following are my question trainer results:

Question trainer 1: 52

Question trainer 2: 57

Question trainer 3: 50

Question trainer 4: 58

Question trainer 5: 59

Question trainer 6: 62

Question trainer 7: didnt do

i also used the prioritizing, delegation, and assignment book from lachritiy. That was a great investment. I did the first 18 chapter. Lastly I did NCLEX 3500. I must have completed at least 3000 questions from there.

Overall I did about 200-300 questions a day in intervals and reviewed after words for about 6 weeks.

I got about 90 something questions and my exam was a lot of priority and delegation quesiton, 15 SATA questions, patient teaching, on different sections of nursing.

When are you taking the exam?

Good luck!!!!

you passed congrats :)

thanks for sharing!

I test in august

I took it yesterday and got the good pop-up right after the exam and also at night. I am too scared to check again today. In less than 12 hours I will know my RN fate.

Congratulations on passing! I'm about to take my test in a 2 weeks. I wanted to ask how much of the qbanks did you take on tutorial mode? I'm having trouble with the timed mode. Everytime I take it on timed mode, I would get low scores, but when I take it on tutorial, I would get over 60%. I don't take it any differently compared to the timed mode except that it's not timed. What do you recommend? Is it okay to take most on tutorial mode?

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