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Did I pass the nclex PN?


I took the nclex pn today my heart was racing! I kept trying to calm down and breathe. I got 86 questions and then the computer shut off. I tried the Pearson vue trick and supposably got the "good pop up"

the pop up message said "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time" is this a good indication the I passed. Have people had false positive results with the Pearson vue trick?

There are many threads on this topic that you might find of assistance.

The trick is usually accurate and you have more than likely passed. Yes, people have failed with the good pop-up on rare occasions, but, again - it's usually accurate.

thank you for the response. I will know for sure if I passed on sunday

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Did it say "delivery successful"? You will get the same pop up if you try too soon

yes It said "delivery successful"