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  1. lmjsierra

    Achieve test prep?

    thank you for the feedback!!!! I was thinking of using it to get through the BSN pre-reqs for Indiana State university.
  2. lmjsierra

    Morgan County Community College

    You should email me! Lmjsierra@aol.com 🙂
  3. lmjsierra

    Morgan County Community College

    I'm in southwest Denver by Hampden and Sheridan. I have been a LPN for 4 years. how about you?
  4. lmjsierra

    Achieve test prep?

    Has anyone received credits through Achieve Test Prep?
  5. lmjsierra

    Morgan County Community College

    i know I'm debating the same thing...... Its quite a drive i think of the time and with kids, working and school. I feel so stressed out. I am even debating just doing the RN program at Denver school of nursing. ugh I don't know.
  6. lmjsierra

    Morgan County Community College

    there are very slim options for LPN-RN
  7. lmjsierra

    Morgan County Community College

    Me too!!! I was debating over the LPN-RN bridge program at Morgan community college too. Its quite a drive though I am 90 miles away from it also.
  8. lmjsierra

    Morgan County Community College

    Are you in Colorado?
  9. lmjsierra

    Calling in for no sleep

    If it were me I would definitely call in.
  10. Hi, I am looking for a updated 2015 university of phoenix LPN-BSN cost? and about how long is the program?
  11. lmjsierra

    GENESIS health care?

    I am currently a LPN. I work in a home healthcare. I was recently searching LPN job offerings on craigslist. I came across a job posting saying that they have a career development career program e.g LPN-RN here is the exact paragraph from the job posting. "Genesis HealthCare is looking for remarkable Licensed Practical Nurses / LPNs. At Genesis HealthCare, you can really care for your patients -- and your thoughts, opinions and expertise will always be respected. Our centers are state-of-the-art. Our benefits package is outstanding. And our regular shifts help you balance your career and your personal life. GHC will provide you with the career growth and a career track under our employee development programs, e.g. LPN to RN. " I have been a LPN for almost a year and I am dying to get my RN. Has anyone gone to school through their employer before? is this legit???????
  12. lmjsierra

    Should I worry about my KAPLAN NCLEX prep Q bank scores?

    Last July I did Kaplan in preparation for the pnclex. My scores were very similar to yours and I only did 1/2 the qbank questions I actually found that the actually pnclex test was easier then Kaplan. On the pnclex I got the minimum number of questions and was done in 45 mins. I was kinda freaking out but I ended up with a pass!
  13. Was browsing on Craislist for Lpn jobs eventhough i already have one. Saw that they offer a career track Lpn-RN. Here is the exact words they said:Genesis health care will provide you with career growth and a career track under our employee delvelopment programs e.g Lpn- RNSo my question is has anyone done something similar? What is it exactly. I really want to get my RN so this might be a cool option if it's the real thing.
  14. lmjsierra

    FAILED nursing school. ;( Now what? Lvn program??

    So sorry for the late reply, I live in Denver colorado. The school I went to is called Emily Griffith.