Did anyone pass the new NCLEX?


Alright, guys. I know this is an amazing forum for support for both the good and the bad. I wanted to get a review from someone who passed the newly revamped board exam. What study materials did you look at? Where did you go for content? What emphasis would you say there was on your exam?

Let's all stay positive!



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I am preparing to take my NCLEX exam soon also. I never knew that there was a "new" NCLEX exam. Could someone please elaborate? Thanks for posting this question.


jamona851, BSN, RN

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The difficulty level was increased April 1st 2013. There is a link on this website that explains the changes! I too am also prepping to take it. I am using NCS BN rn nclex review 3week course. it is actually not too bad. I am also doing questions and using Saunders.

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There are several threads on this subject. The passing standard was raised on April 1, 2013 for NCLEX RN and April 1, 2011 for NCLEX PN. The % for some subject categories were changed.


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The changes are nothing to be scared about, but I wanted to get an idea as to the questions. (I understand that it's a mostly subjective experience since it's a computer adaptive test personalized to you.) =)

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I am sorry but as per the Terms of Service of both AN and NCLEX you......

may not request or post test questions, test preparation materials, test bank codes, or post links to, or use this site to send or request via email or pm such material that is protected by copyright. THOSE POSTING SUCH TEST-RELATED COPYRIGHT MATERIAL WILL BE BANNED.
Good Luck on your exam.