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  1. ashleyrosesf

    DUKE DNP/MSN Spring 2018

    The Duke email is the outlook address. I haven't heard anything either about registration, just about financial aid. :-)
  2. ashleyrosesf

    Duke University MSN Spring 2018 Information

    Congratulations! I got in to the MSN in Education program, starting in Spring 2018. :)
  3. ashleyrosesf

    DUKE DNP/MSN Spring 2018

    Thanks, Matthew.RN! I'm on as Ashley Gordin.
  4. ashleyrosesf

    DUKE DNP/MSN Spring 2018

    I just got my acceptance for the MSN in Education program! YAY! Oh man, I'm so excited. Let me know if you guys want to connect - it would be great to know some classmates. Also, know of any scholarship info offhand?
  5. ashleyrosesf

    DUKE DNP/MSN Spring 2018

    Have you already had your interview, PEDICU? I haven't heard of this, but I wouldn't read too much into it until you talk to her!
  6. ashleyrosesf

    DUKE DNP/MSN Spring 2018

    I applied to the MSN in education program. Interviewed at the beginning of August and anxiously waiting to hear back! Does anyone know anyone that has been through the masters program? Any idea how they do the courses? (Scheduled class time vs. recorded lectures). There isn't much information available here from previous students! Praying for all of you to get good news!
  7. Hey everyone! There isn't much information posted for people who have completed the program (any of the specialties) or have applied for the spring 2018 cohort! I just had my interview today and, while I was nervous as all get out, I think I did pretty well. Just anxiously awaiting to hear back! I applied to the MSN in Education program, but I'm curious to hear from people who have completed any of the specialties what they think of the school!
  8. ashleyrosesf

    Georgetown Online FNP Student Review

    Hey everyone! There isn't much available on a review of the Georgetown online FNP program, so I figured I would write one! I'm currently almost done with my first year in the program and working on my clinical hours. Application process: 1. Live recorded interview in the 2GU format (this is new, I had to do a personal statement video which was pretty nerve wracking!) Be clear as to why you want to be an FNP, why you want to go to Georgetown specifically, and what plans you have in your career. 2. You do need to have a competitive resume to get in. I had a 3.4 GPA, volunteered, worked as an RN for 2+ years in acute care, helped several projects at work, was part of committees, etc. They have a lot of applications & a relatively low acceptance rate - make sure you stand out! 3. You also need all your transcripts, 1-2 page personal statement, and 3 letters of recommendation. 4. The application process itself is pretty quick. I was notified by email a few weeks following my application submission. Now that you're in... 1. You have the option of going part time or full time. I started out full time but had to work full time throughout the program (12 hour day shift at a hospital), so I had to drop to part time in my first semester. That said, remember that Georgetown's part-time program is the equivalent of full time work at other schools! I definitely feel busy all the time. The time difference is pretty negligible (18 vs. 24 months). 2. The program is amazing! Thus far I've only had one professor that was anything less than incredible. The classes are very challenging and do require a lot of time management skills. The classes are all live webcam and call-in and are 2 - 2.5 hours in length. 3. They have two On Campus Intensives that require you to go out to the campus. I've been to one thus far and it was wonderful! They fall after your advanced health assessment and FNP 2 courses. Please let me know if you have any other questions!
  9. ashleyrosesf

    Georgetown FNP Spring 2016

    Hey! I'm in the part time program as well (hurray, Cohort 22!) and live in California. I just put up a posting in the California@Georgetown social group on 2GU about maybe getting together if possible. Feel free to find me on 2gu or facebook! Ashley Brown. :)
  10. ashleyrosesf

    Georgetown University FNP Sep 2015

    Hi there! I'm super excited to be admitted to the FNP program beginning in September. Will likely be doing the part-time option as I'm currently working 40 hours a week. I live in the California Bay Area. Looking forward to meeting everyone and starting! :)
  11. ashleyrosesf

    Relocation Assistance?

    It is definitely appropriate to ask! I moved about 100 miles to start a Versant program. I felt a little uncomfortable asking HR with how expensive we already all are to the hospital, but ended up getting most of the move paid for as well as reimbursement for the round-trip visits for my interviews and health screenings! The worst thing they can say is no. :-)
  12. ashleyrosesf

    How long did it take you to land your first job?

    I'm from California. I aggressively pursued new graduate residencies (only applied to two direct-to-the-floor positions) and received a job offer in April 2013. I graduated in May 2013, took boards in June, and started the residency in July. Hold out hope, everyone! Don't just apply only and stay positive. :-)
  13. ashleyrosesf

    Relaxing before NCLEX ?!

    I got a massage and a manicure/pedicure the morning of my exam. Best decision I could have made! I went in feeling calm and confident.
  14. Currently in an 18 week Versant program and absolutely love it. From what I've heard from recruiters, it's a great thing to have on your résumé for the future. In these residencies you get a bit of everything regardless of what unit you're on - for example, we had lectures and lab time with vents (even though med Surg won't have them) and an arrhythmia course. Granted, this is just my experience. Yours may be entirely different. I feel supported instead of babied. They treat us like we're learning but in no way see us as anyone else other than a nurse. And the perks you mentioned sound totally worth it! :-)
  15. ashleyrosesf

    Is it worth it going to a private school for BSN?

    Congratulations on your acceptance! Just think about what you really want. Personally, I went the private school route to guarantee getting in and out as soon as possible. (Granted, my school was a horrible experience overall where we were guinea pigs to new policies and testing measures, but I digress.) I found a job before graduating in a Versant program and will have my first loan ($15k out of $50k total) paid off within my first year with the help of financial aid from my BSN program in California. It can be done. If you're lucky enough to get a job (it's hard right now, but doable!) you can make consistent payments if you live within your means. That being said, the market is incredibly saturated right now with new nurses. Waiting a little more might not be a horrible idea. Just my two cents!
  16. ashleyrosesf

    Adventist Health New Grad Program, Central Valley

    I'm at San Joaquin Community Hospital. =)