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Diagnose THIS! (kind of a RANT)


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Originally posted by peggysue

Sounds like you ought to do some online shopping instead. Oh, yeah, and insist on only seeing your regular doctor from now on; after all, it's YOUR health, time, and money. I wouldn't worry about some whiny new doctor who gets his feelings hurt. How much more unprofessional can he be?

Hugs and best wishes. Hope you all get well soon and are able to enjoy the holidays. :kiss

I am just afraid if I do it online I won't get it in time for Christmas! I just wish I could've started sooner.

The young Dr. has A LOT more growing to do, for sure. Yeah, I couldn't get over the unprofessional attitude.

Thank you for wishing us well...praying things resolve quickly for us health-wise!

Originally posted by suzanne4

Put some things in perspective first:

1. If you are unhappy with your physician or his staff, why are you still going to him? Ther must be more than one physician in your town.................................................or perhaps one with a nurse practicioner..

2. What type of antibiotic were you taking? Did you have your Dr. do cultures? Some infections ARE resistant to some antibiotics, and sometimes you just need a second dose of the antibiotic............................

3. You need to think these things thru first, instead of worrying how you were treated. Better yet, what would you do if you had a patient with the same symptoms? What would you expect to be done for that patient? Shouldn't you have the same things done for yourself?

4. You are a nurse, use your critical thinking methods....that is what you were trained to do. I know that you don't feel good and it is holiday time.....but stop for a moment and just think,

Hi Suzanne,

I love my doctor, he has been a God-send to me and my family. Others love him, too, evidently, as he is SO busy I can rarely get in to see him anymore. It wasn't always like that, but it sure is now. As good as he is, I know that he is no good to me if I can't get an appt. I would LOVE to have an NP...don't know of any in my area (Dayton, OH), so if any of you out there know of any here, please let me know.

I was taking Keflex 500 mg, TID. Nope, no cultures taken...my son had had strep two weeks prior.

I am not a nurse yet. I am still in the pre-req phase, I have yet to have my first real nursing class or clinical. My very own critical thinking skills told me that I was not being treated as I should, but I also knew that I was going to get nowhere with this particular doctor. I DO need to look elsewhere for a doctor more available to meet my needs and the needs of my family, obviously. I am sure my doc is not the only good one out there, but I have a had a few not-so-good-ones in the past and I am a little hesitant to start the long process of weeding through them to find "the one." Especially when all hades is breaking loose here at home on the health front, know what I mean? And before the Holidays...nearly impossible!

As soon as we are all feeling a little better, and after the first of the year, I will be scoping out the doctors and/or NP's (if any) in my area.

Thanks for your post!

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