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Hey guys. I've been a type 1 diabetic for fifteen years now and I'm set to graduate the program in May 2013 -- I clarify that because I don't want anyone to think I'm already working or think that... Read More

  1. by   mmc51264
    lantus meets your insulin needs based on a pre-determined caloric intake and energy demands.
    that is not a basal rate; that is not what lantus is for. you are correct that lantus is for basal requirements not to include carbs and/or exercise-for a t1 anyway. the short-acting is for that. to me a bs of 56 (20-yes) is not that critical for my son, and if he does go that low, we do not suspend his pump to stop the basal rate that he is getting. we treat the low and go on. every diabetic is different, so what works for him, may not work for another.
  2. by   yadi87
    I'm type one diabetic for 16 years...since I was 8 ... in would have give a very small glass of o.j. I don't know about other ppl but I respond very quickly to drinking o.j. then monitored th bg level till its in the 80 to 120 range then administered the insulin. ...even my pump advises me not to bolus until my sugar is in a normal range
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  4. by   ohellemarie
    The bottom line is that if a patient has been dealing with a chronic disease on their own--no matter what degree you hold--the patient KNOWS THEIR BODY BETTER THAN YOU AS A NURSE...LISTEN TO THEM!

    Geez. The stigma around Type 1 is sickening. The comments I recieve that people "assume" or hear in the media. Next time someone tells me I can't eat a cupcake I will scream...

  5. by   smartblnde
    Hey, everyone...
    I know this original post was posted in July, but just saw it.

    After 43 years of T1DM, I kinda know what I'm doing. Additionally, I'm a Certified Diabetes Educator (I did not know about the oral meds very well before training for the CDE).

    There are MANY PCPs and other docs who are clueless. As someone said, it is up to US to advocate for our patients. However, when the doc just won't listen, we need to get our patients to ask specific questions. I give my patients the questions to ask and the answers they should hear when it comes to meds. If they don't hear the right ones, they should see an endocrinologist. I have also seen some 'internists' give totally wrong info. go figure.

    "My fasting/pre meal sugars are all just fine, but my A1c is 8.1. Well, now. There are great clues here to narrow the field of optimal medications. Maybe an alpha glucosidase inhibitor would be a good option? Or, maybe, prandin or starlix? You are so right that knowing about the diabetes meds can help our people so much more. EVERY doc should have to attend DSME/T (Diabetes Self-Management Training) before treating people. 8 hours could help everyone so much more.

    OFF my soapbox now! Thank you for your post.