New RN in dd nursing

  1. Hi guys, I was just hired as an RN to provide nursing oversight for group homes. Wondering if anyone has any advice for me. Also down the line I would love to work from home as on call rn for group homes. How hard is it to get a position like that?? Is my goal realistic? Thanks for the help
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  3. by   RNshy
    My advice is to use your team for resources and call your back-up nurse when you're unsure of regulations or when something you haven't dealt with before comes up. As for being an on-call nurse, that goal is quite realistic. Where I work, they just want you to have one year of experience in the field before they'll let you switch over to on-call.
  4. by   WineRN
    I'm working as a community nurse now and I get to do all of my paperwork at home which is amazing. I still go to my group home daily and I teach new hire courses but the flexibility in with being a nurse in the DD population is truly amazing
  5. by   Tooda
    I worked in this setting for many years and learned a lot. Your assessment skills have to be exceptionally good because your clients are already compromised and with the newer medications that are being used. It really takes a special person to work with a client that has been perhaps placed in a facility early on in there life. Go for it but make sure that you get all you can get from the care/protocal before you consider home care with these clients