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  1. Too many RNs per manager??

    My company has a ratio of 1 Director (Manager) to 1 or 2 Supervisors to 12-14 nurses.
  2. Free Research Databases for Nurses?

    I like the National Guidelines Clearinghouse in addition to those previously listed.
  3. RN-BSN: Nutrition and Health Assessment

    Nutrition was a piece of cake; you can probably just take the test. Health Assessment requires a test and a video, but you're allowed to have the checklist with you to be sure you cover all of the expected assessments, so it's not too bad.
  4. Ready to do what I am passionate about

    Many of the group home sites contract out their nursing services to consulting agencies; have you looked into those already? Also, I know a ton of agencies hire for RN on-call for telephone triaging DD patients, so that might be another option. Good...
  5. Boarding School

    Thanks anyway, Farawyn! She's not on AN. I've sent her some links to the state websites, but told her I'd "ask around" too. I've been trying to convince her to speak up, but she's not sure she's right in these particular situations, so I thought if s...
  6. Boarding School

    I'm trying to help my wife who works as an RN in a boarding school find some answers for things going on at her school. I work in a totally different nursing field, so I thought I'd reach out to you school nurses. This is long, sorry! Who regulates ...
  7. New RN in dd nursing

    My advice is to use your team for resources and call your back-up nurse when you're unsure of regulations or when something you haven't dealt with before comes up. As for being an on-call nurse, that goal is quite realistic. Where I work, they just w...
  8. High School Pre-Nursing

    I would take the Biology and Statistics courses. Good luck!
  9. Craziest vitals on a person who lived?

    I had a lady whose systolic was 50-60 and could only be heard by Doppler, so I couldn't tell you a diastolic. She was totally asymptomatic for weeks with that BP!
  10. Pay for RN working in group homes?

    There are frequent raises from what I've been told. I've only been with the company for a month. The benefits and the atmosphere are top-notch. I've never been so pleased with a job before!
  11. Pay for RN working in group homes?

    I'm also in CT and that's my exact pay rate. Probably the same company :)
  12. UHS

    In a word, yes. They're terrible. Check out watchinguhs.wordpress.com for more info.