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  1. Help, did I get hired onto a sinking ship?

    Listen to yourself and the concerns that you have voiced. You must think of your licensure and what your expected to do as a prudent nurse. I understand your uneasiness with the physicians personalities especially toward new emplyees. There is nothon...
  2. When Your Patient is an Addict...How to Deal

    I think we have to remember that every patient in a bed is not our favorite person. Drug addicted patient's are difficult but as you tried to do was to re-evaluate yourself and approach which is very important in this situation. With drug addiction t...
  3. Suspended for a Medication Error

    Medication errors can be fatal. You being a new nurse the 5 rights when giving meds should be fresh. You also have to be mineful when giving meds there should be no distractions, stay focused and double check yourself. I remember working on a med-sur...
  4. I can't get "poop" taste out of my mouth?

    Your experience sounds horrible but common however, to have the taste of poop in your mouth is alarming. Poop taste or breath is indicative of a renal issue (Elevated BUN) wait until you encounter a GI bleed patient a smell like cancer that uou will...
  5. Self administration of medications

    Every state has different regulations. But l have always had a problem with self-administration especially with someone who is deemed responsible for themself. Clear documentation from a doctor who prescribed the meds is needed as well as the mental ...
  6. New RN in dd nursing

    I worked in this setting for many years and learned a lot. Your assessment skills have to be exceptionally good because your clients are already compromised and with the newer medications that are being used. It really takes a special person to work...
  7. Nurse Bully, please protect your young: "Don't eat them"

    I heard the saying that nurses eat there you and it is horrible. I have been in the profession fir quite some time and it is not only that the young are attacked at times the more seasoned nurses are attacked to. I recently left a very stable job for...
  8. New grad RN, don't think I can do this

    I have been in the nursing profession for 32 years. Back then and even now a preceptorship is always helpful to new grads not 5 days. A new nurse has to learn her scope and it is difficult when you get a job in a special area in the field. Long term ...