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Hello! I was recently accepted to DePaul's Masters Entry to Practice Program to start in January '09! :yeah:Anyone else here starting the same time?

Also some questions for any alums or students currently in the program:

1. Do you know what the passing rate is for students in this program?

2. How many hours a week do you spend studying?

3. Do you feel like the program prepared you well for the NCLEX?

4. How long is the EL ride from bucktown or lakeview to campus?

Alrighty thanks!!!

Hey guys, I was also admitted this week for Jan '09. Yay! Are you both going to attend?

It would be helpful to hear more from people who have completed the program and what their job outlook has been like.

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People in the program have posted on the thread I put up the URL for in the previous post.

And I'm going, though I don't know about the OP.

Yes I am most definitely going! How far along are either of you with your paper work? Like financial aid, medical record stuff... also, have you filled out the intent to register form online? I have but I was never sent a confirmation email like I was supposed to. Anyone else have this problem? One more thing :specs:... do either of you have your student ID? Just wondering because I don't know if we're able to get those already and I e-mailed someone about it and haven't gotten a reply. I just want to get all this done ASAP ya know? Well, its good to hear from more people in the '09 cohort! I'm kind of excited to start!

TheSquire, DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP

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I got my physical and labwork done already - I called and asked for the forms early since my benefits run out in early October. (Which reminds me, I need to go pick up the lab paperwork...)

I didn't get the confirmation email either. Dunno what's up with that. I also managed to lose the vaccination form that DePaul Central wants - after the doc signed it. I'm probably just going to copy the Nursing one and send that instead, since it's been a few weeks and I can't find it.

As for the ID, I tried to get mine. It being a school ID and all, they need to take your picture for it. I dropped by one of the suburban campuses to take it and was told that I can't until I actually register for classes. Seeing as orientation's not 'til October 24th, that'll probably be a while.

My financial aid stuff is in, I just haven't signed my life away on it yet. I'll probably wait 'til Orientation to do it. You'll probably have to ask for a GradPLUS loan in addition to the rest of the ones you'll be getting unless you have a boatload of cash coming from somewhere. Yay for high urban costs of living! Speaking of, does anyone know anyone else in the class looking for roommates to live relatively close to campus and/or near the Red, Brown, or Purple lines on the North Side? I really don't want to go in on an apartment all by myself if I can help it.

All sounds very exciting... forgot about the health records. Going to have to dig those up somewhere.

Does anyone know how many are in the class? (how many apply vs. get accepted?)

Look forward to seeing you all in Jan!

Hi all, congrats!

I am in the Jan. '08 cohort and thought I would give you some insight on all the craziness you need to get done before you start :) You will get the answers to most of your questions at the orientation, a bunch of us will be there to chat with you about what to expect. As far as getting your ID, you can't do that until you register for classes, which for winter term still isn't for awhile. I think I didn't even go get mine until classes actually started!

You have until when you start your hospital rotation to get all the paperwork/labs/etc in (which is the 7th week of the term). Be wary of when you get your CPR certification & malpractice insurance, if you get your CPR cert. in Dec instead of now it won't expire until after you graduate!

As far as class #s, we have 28 people in our cohort, and I think the fall class before me has 36. Age range varies, from 22 on up. Mostly people in their mid-twenties.

Any questions let me know, good luck! :D

Anyone out there who is staring in September in DePaul's MENP?? Also, are there any current MENP students who could give insight into the actual program - schedules, homework, difficulty?? I look forward to some responses!

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'Ello - I'm a current student from the most recent cohort. As there's more info about the program in the Students section (under Post Graduate Nursing Students), I'll try to be brief.

Since there are a number of students who commute in from the suburbs, the schedule is set up so that, in your first quarter at least, you'll only have to go into campus two days a week, though you can also spread out your schedule more than that if you wish. In later quarters they try to do the same, but it doesn't always work out that way.

Homework, at least for the first quarter, is mostly reading and studying. There's a couple papers due for the Intro class, as well as your first care plans at the end of the quarter.

As for difficulty, I've not been to nursing school or grad school elsewhere, so I don't have a good reference for comparison. However, it is Grad School and Nursing School, so it's certainly not a cakewalk and definitely should not be treated as such.

Hope this helps!

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I am in the same cohort as the Squire. We graduate in June. There are a lot of us out here - so any questions you have..... we are all happy to answer. I would tell you to copy everything you turn-in to the administration regarding insurance and all that....

and study, study, study....

job outlook is hard to say - you cannot work until you pass the NCLEX (new IL BON rule) so now hospitals are hiring later than they used to. Telling us not to apply until May for a June graduation. So we won't really be able to tell you how the jobs are until later....

good luck!

TheSquire, DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP

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Um, I don't graduate in June. I graduate next November.

livingthedream, APN

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sorry... i guess i thought you were someone else...

I have recently applied to the Depaul MENP program. Starting Jan 2011. I am leaving a career in finance and am eagerlly awaiting decisions for the future from several schools! I was wondering if any of you could give some insight into how long you waited to hear about a decision from DePaul? Did you have to go thru an interview process? How competitive is the MENP program? I have decent grades, a decent GRE score, I'm a pharm tech and shadow a physician 10 hours a week. I'm weary b/c all I hear is how competitive and virtually impossible it is to get into these programs!!?? Any of your own experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

TheSquire, DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP

Specializes in Urgent Care NP, Emergency Nursing, Camp Nursing.

You should hear from DePaul shortly after the deadline for admissions, after the committee has met to go through applications. Depending on what your definition of "decent" is, as long as you have decent scores, grades, and fulfill the prereqs, you'll be admitted. Interviews are generally only requested of very borderline applicants.

Also, the MENP program is not med school and neither is it a traditional RN program, so it isn't cutthroat competitive and it isn't a one-nitpicky-screwup-and-you're-gone type competitive either.

hey I was wondering if any one has heard back from Depaul yet for the Jan 2011 starting date?

No! Not here! Waiting and nervous!

I also applied for Jan 2011 and have heard nothing yet except that we should hear back in late sept. Good luck to everyone that is waiting!!!

i applied to the jan. 2011 cohort and found out i got accepted through the campusconnect. log on and it should say congratulations in the admitted students section. I called the grad office to confirm and they said they sent out the letters yesterday! gl!

Congratulations!!!!I got accepted a while back to the Jan 2011 Jan cohort? Does anyone know when the new student orientation is for nurses? I tried to contact them and they haven't contacted me back yet. It seems hard to reach anyone there? Is anyone having the same problem?

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