Christiana Care Internships for new Grads

  1. Hi new to the site...just wanted to know if anyone new anything about the multiple internships that are offered at Christiana Care. Im a new graduate RN and im having trouble finding a job in the area so when I saw these listed on the website I thought they would be perfect. So any information or recommendations that anyone out there may have about them will be greatly appreciated. Thanks:wink2:
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  3. by   MelodyRNurse
    I sent you a private message with some info about these internships.
  4. by   nurse_haika
    I am also interested in learning about these internships for new grads.. i graduate in May 09
    and will probably be moving to deleware.. Nurse Melody can you also please send me that info
  5. by   lizmatt
    I have a question - from looking at these posts over the last year or so Christiana has not been hiring many new grads. Has this changed at all? I see they are having a new grad expo at the end of the month and am wondering if it would be worth it to attend?

  6. by   NEWRNDE
    I also see that Christiana Care is having a STUDENT nurse expo on the says nothing about new graduate nurses. Im sure they have hired new graduate nurses in the past....I just don't know whats going on these days.
  7. by   MelodyRNurse
    I don't know either. I was wondering also if non-student nurses are welcome to attend. Probably not.

    It seems really hard to get in there right now, I wish they would start hiring again because I really would love to work there.

    They have so many internal employees that are also nursing students, so they probably get most of the new grad positions.
  8. by   Jerzy Girl
    I was a May 09 graduate from NJ and searched the Christiana website and applied for RN positions that specified graduate nurses encouraged to apply. This time of year, there aren't many postings...keep checking the website. I did not prev. work at Christiana nor was I a nursing student related to the hospital. I've been with Christiana since Sept 08 and am very happy. *Nursing magazine listed Christiana Care in the top 100 places nurses want to work! Best wishes in your search.
  9. by   Mineee45
    Does anyone know if they are still hiring nursing student externs for the summer, or where I could find info on it?
  10. by   MelodyRNurse
    Quote from MelodyRNurse
    I sent you a private message with some info about these internships.
    Guys I've received several pms about this and I don't mind chatting, but the best place to get the info is the website or the recruiter.

    Good luck!
  11. by   Eiano
    Has anyone heard back from any of the internships yet??
  12. by   MelodyRNurse
    Quote from Eiano
    Has anyone heard back from any of the internships yet??
    They are interviewing in April or May so don't get to worried if you don't hear anything right away. A lot of people apply to these and only a few get selected, so following up is a really good idea.
  13. by   Eiano

    So I guess we could be hearing back from anytime between now and late May:urck:
  14. by   Tsiasn

    Due to the volume and types of applications we received (blah blah blah), the selection process was extremely competitive..... Although your experience... blah blah.......

    For those that interviewed, what was your GPA and what kind of questions did they ask at the interviews?