Deep In The Dark

"Hey LT, can you give a push of dilaudid to Mrs. R?" I looked up from my charge nurse desk where I sat reviewing my patients' schedules for night shift. It was just before 2100. The float LPN's voice came to me through a preoccupied fog. Specialties Oncology Article


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That's why I always loved oncology nursing - everything you do for the patients is SO appreciated and they are such lovely people.


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You are a sweety, I hope (I think I can) I can hold onto my compassion, I am about to start hospice nursing and I am inspired by your story. Love the military, military brat for over 20 years (including college) and am not enamored by the military for any other reason than the sacrifices they make every day to serve our country.


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Wonderful and touching story, teared up a little at the end, thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful! I think that all patients deserve the respect and care that you showed to your pts.

Thank you for your kindness.


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I am a school nurse, sitting at my computer, waiting for my next patient to walk in. Your story brought back many memories of my days as a hospice and elderly care nurse. It made my cry and thank God we have the wonderful privilege to serve others in helping to alleviate their pain, whether emotional or physical. Thanks so very much for sharing your experience!


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Being an ICU nurse, I can relate to your story so much. At the end of the shift, all the physical, mental and emotional exhaustion vanishes with just a simple whispered or mouthed(for intubated pts) "thank you" from a patient. Thank you for sharing. :)


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Beautiful... this reminds me why I want to become a nurse.

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