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Dee the New member!

deelight5 deelight5 (New) New

Hi, it is so nice to meet ya folks!

My name is Dee, almost-finished-prereqs student applying Fall 06.

I am so scared of that I might not get in. cuz i am realizing there're so many people who has so much higher GPAs than I do and still not getting in.

I am applying two schools in Pueblo, Co and alabama.

First thing I have to consider of is the tuition and living expenses for my parents who will support me financially.

Hope I can make it, so can you guys.

God bless all!

Hi Dee, and welcome.

I can't give too much advice except to say, don't give up. If you don't make it this round there's next year. A lot of people use that time to retake some of their worst classes to bring their grades up. Also, you might look at LPN programs to get your foot in the door then bridge to RN. I don't know how crowded they are though.

I do know ADN programs are just as difficult if not more so to get in.

Just hang in there and don't give up hope, ok? It ain't over until you say it's over.

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moving thread to pre-nursing student forum.

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Why are you applying to all these out of state programs? Aren't there any schools in your own state that interest you? A GPA of 3.4 is very respectable. Some schools may have a higher requirement, but that is not all of them. It seems to me that you are more likely to get accepted into a school you would transfer into within your own state. Most out of state schools charge you a higher tuition.


:) Hi Welcome I hope you enjoy the site, that all goes well with your college search, and nursing career.

A returning pre-nursing student :Melody:


Thank ya'll for the words.

Yeah, I am not giving up, I mean I can't give up. ^^;

And why am I not applying to the shcool near my place? Well, my area is one of the most competiive. It's like no way to get in with 3.8 or below. How unfair.

I am actually applying for accelerated BSN program. Hope everything goes well for everyone.

I know it's hard to get into a nursing school and even harder to keep a career as a nurse. But if it was easy from the beginning, I wouldn't know how great nurses are.

Thanks again for cheering me up and giving advices.:rotfl:

Oh, by the way, I am retaking AP2 for this spring semester. So I can bring the GPA up to 3.7 something. One science class makes that different.-.-;


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hello, dee and welcome to allnurses.com


Welcome,Eelcome. Hang in there you'll make it into Nursing School

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