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I have a decision to make. I am scheduled to take the nclex Monday. This will be my thrid time, and I don't know if I should postpone this, until the first week of September. I have been studying, and taking about a 100-150 questions per day. I also took a review class and I have been studying since April. But I am scared. Do you think two weeks will make a difference or should I just do it? I am also scared that if I do take it in September that I will be scared then, and keep on postponing it until I run out of time.

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Do you feel you are prepared? Have you finished going over all of your labs, content, pharm and dosage calculations? How many questions have you completed?

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I feel that I am prepared. I have done all of 3500 scoring in the 80.s.Some of 4000, I have completed the Saunders book and done the questions. The course that I took used that book to go over content. But now I am doing some of the Kaplan questions, and I am getting in the 60's and 70's so whenever I miss a question I think I am not ready. I am scared is what it is and I don't want to fail again.



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I think sometimes its not that you're scared, you're just psyching yourself out! Please be confident!! If you have done all the preparations you can for this test, then perhaps it's best that you take it now! They say that you have a higher chance of passing the NCLEX the first time within a month after you graduate, postponing it any longer will just create more anxiety!!

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Thanks I think that's what I needed to hear. It is hard to explain this crazy world of nursing to people who just don't understand. Sometimes you just need a push from fellow nurses.


Hotlando, I think you are ready.

So I would say relax and just do it like nike!!:anpom:

I was in the same boat as you last few months ago. I was scheduled to take the exam last week of june, then after many doubts,what if's and going into the panic mode, I rescheduled to 2nd week of July (although I felt i was ready). I passed the nclex after 2nd attempt...thank GOD! It really depends on you if you FEEL that you are ready to take it, otherwise you can re-schedule it.

My Saunders scores ranges from 80's while my kaplan Q trainer scores ranges from 50's 60's and got 71% on the last trainer. I think your kaplan scores are great and youre ready to take and pass the exam! Good luck to you future R.N.! :yeah:


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So I am really having a hard time!! I took the NCLEX twice and failed using kaplan review for both :( I scored 68% of question trainer 7 and it says that if you score 65% or above you should take the test with confidence but I am so confused now!! I basically have done all of kaplan and i am not sure if i should get my money back or continue using it. But I really don't know what else to use to review. i have a job set up and they have been very nice so far with being supportive but i really want to pass this time and i am not sure my job will be there if i fail again!! please help me with your suggestions!! Does Suzanne's Plan really work or should i do something else. Please HELP ME!! It seriously has been a tough road!!

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I look at it from another view, if you felt confident or ready for the exam, then one would not be posting here asking for advice.

My suggestion is that only you can tell if you are ready and even more so if you have tested before, it is impossible for any of us to make that determination for anyone.

It is not a point of giving someone a pep talk, but they need to understand what happens if they do not pass.

Best of luck to you with whatever you decide.


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I am sorry I don't think I made that clear enough. I just failed the NCLEX last monday for the 2nd time and right before I took the exam for the 2nd time that is when i scored a 68% on the last kaplan question trainer test where I was suppost to go take the test with confidence. And i did and when i walked out of the test after 85 questions I really thought I passed!! until the SHOCK of FAILED came!! i just don't know what to do for studying material because I obviously know what i am doing but i jsut can't pass that dumb test!!

how should you study? I did kaplan 100% and was gettin 55-60% but still failed my first time. Im just scared now!

I felt that nclex ?s were way diferent than what kaplan had.

those select all that aplly questions I had no idea?


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So many nurses who have passed told me that in some way you may never be ready...but that may be pre test gitters. One nurse gave me some advice I plan on taking....the day before the test, don't something fun so you can relax. There is nothing new you can learn the day before that you haven't already learned

Good Luck!


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