how did you decide?


what made you decide you wanted to be a nurse? What interested you? How did you get interested in the medical field?


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I've always wanted to feel I was in control of other peoples pain and suffering.. That is why I wanted to become a nurse........


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I prayed about it because I wanted to do something to help others. This is my second career. My first was in corporate America for a while, then as time went by, I decided to go back to school for nursing. I quit my job and I am now taking pre-nursing classes. Its hard, but well worth it. Plus I've always wanted to be a nurse. I think nurses are amazing and are also super heros that are given the credit due them. They are the ppl who keep the wheels turning........I soo can't wait to join the team!! :dancgrp:

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Ha, didn't know what else to do. I spent a lot of time in medical settings as a child, either for my own health issues, or because of a family members. I find it fascinating all the amazing things we can do now.

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I was a factory worker at a paper products company for three years while in my early 20s, and although I was earning a decent income, my skills were really not transferable to any other profession or career pathway. In addition, I realized that I was not very marketable in the employment market with only a high school diploma. In other words, I was cognizant that I'd be up the creek without a paddle if I ever were to be fired or laid off from the factory job.

The 12-month LVN program enabled me to quit my job at the factory and change careers relatively quickly. After working as an LVN for several years, I finished an RN completion program and earned my RN license.

I'll be brutally honest and mention that I've never had any childhood dreams, higher callings, or overriding passions about being a nurse prior to becoming one. I chose the career because it seemed practical, flexible, offered an array of lateral options, and paid decently for the level of education that one must complete.

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I honestly don't know. I just always knew I wanted to be in health care. My mother is a nurse so I guess it just made sense to me. I'm glad I became a nurse.