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DECEMBER '08 Grads!!!!!!!!


[color=deepskyblue]hi everbody!

it's been a while since i have posted anything on here. it feels so good to finally be able to! hopefully i'll graduate dec. '08. :w00t: anyways--i was wondering how many december '08 grads do we have out there?

how do you plan on celebrating your graduation from nursing school during all of the holidays? :cheers:

and what hobby have you been denying yourself that you would like to take up once you graduate?

would love to hear all of your responses!!!:w00t:

I will be graduating in December...wow that is kina scary to say! But exciting at the same time!!! I haven't given much thought to how I will celebrate...I would love to go on a much needed vacation, but I am sure my hubby will encourage me to work for awhile before we do that. So I am guessing that what ever I do will include a good amount of celebatory drinking!! My family love any excuse to have a few drinks so I guess my graduation will be one more to add to the list! :cheers: As far as hobbies...I really miss going to the gym. I quit going, opting to spend time with my family instead. I'm just reading to get back to life...although I am not sure what I am going to do with myself not have to study, I'm sure I will wind up contiuing my education...lol.

Hey for us!!! Can't wait to start counting down to graduation :yelclap::smiley_aa:clpty:

I graduate in December as well! It's great to be able to say I'm graduating this year. I have no idea where I'll end up but I'm hoping to move to a new city with my degree. What are all your plans?

Keep up the good work!

i plan on staying in the city where i live to first get financially sound. after about a year or so, i definitely plan on moving to texas to start the next phase of my life. my dream is to work in the nicu. my birthday, x-mas, and graduation all fall withing the same month so i plan on celebrating all month long. i never took high school graduation pictures because so many things happened to during my senior year that i just didn't care about it. looking back at it i regret it so much. i decided that since i missed out on that i would definitely make up for it and take professional graduation pictures for this year as soon as i know that i have passed. i know that it may sound kind of infantile or selfish but it would mean alot to me. granted-i still have to take the nclex and pass it to officially be an rn, but with all the he** we have gone through, i'm an rn in my mind no matter what. believing it makes it count. the number one hobby that i have to take up is losing all of the weight i gained in school. once i graduate the possibilities are endless. good luck to all of us out there who have to endure the yearlong

race to the finishline.


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Me! I will graduate in December also. I am soooo looking forward to being done with school. Not exactly a hobby, but I plan to have another baby shortly after school is over. I feel like my life has been put on hold since nursing school started, I am looking forward to picking up where I left off.


another december '08 grad here! i am so excited it's almost here... less than 1 year. i would love to take a vacation after graduation, :onbch:

but i will most likely be working full-time as a gn and preparing for nclex.

i plan to work for 1 year, hopefully in icu, then return to school for an accelerated 2 semester rn-bs program.

I too graduate in December 2008!!! Woohoo!!! :w00t:I really want to plan a week vacation for after graduation, but that all depends on finances. I think it would be nice to take a week after graduation, before coming back to the stress of prepping for NCLEX! I am planning on having a professional graduation picture done too. I want one done with a nurses cap on and done in black and white, probably nerdy, but oh well, I want one and have sacrificed a lot to get through school and so I am going to do it! I can't wait to get back to entertaining and having parties and friends over, since I am lucky to put together a PB & J, let alone a meal for friends to enjoy. I definitely feel I have given up socializing and my poor hubby relies on the kindness of others wives for decent meals, when he doesn't feel like cooking. So, I'll have some making up to do!



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Whew!!! For a minute there I was worried that I was getting excited prematurely (sp)! I was grinning all day on January 1 knowing that this will be the year. This time next year we will be graduate nurses! I too plan on REALLY celebrating the holidays and graduation:cheers: . No hobbies either, just will start to study for the NCLEX, so I can make that move from GN to RN.


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I'll be celebrating in December also. Can't wait. Only three more semesters left...at the end of this next semester I will be half way there. Then a quick summer semester fallowed by the fall. But, who's counting down?

Vacation? Gosh I wish. Might have to go to work and send my wife on vacation. She has been supporting the family...so she surly deserves it.



And i thought i was the only one super excited about graduation in Dec although its only Jan. To celebrate I am going to take me a week or two vacation somewhere with sunny skies, grab me a couple drinks, and just chill. Well everybody lets get ready to get it crackin and knock these next few semesters out. BEST WISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have no idea what I'm going to do when I graduate. I just know I can't wait! Thats this year!!! :chrs::anpom:

maybe.... :tbsk:


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I too am graduating in December 2008! I can't wait but it still feels like forever away. I plan to celebrate with my 3 roommates (all 4 of us will be graduating with our BSN) and all of our families. I am sure there will be tons of tears as some of us (me included) have decided to leave our college town and move back to our hometowns. I hope to start working quickly and hopefully start a MSN program within a year or two. Good luck to all of you as you start your final year!!:yelclap:

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