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sahk (stay at home kid), single no kids, hope to eventually become NICU or PEDS nurse, in a 2 year ADN program, plan to eventually go back and get BSN.

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  1. narcissus

    Any Hospitals in Dallas Have Loan Repayment?

    hi, i have a small question about the NELRP. if you are in a residency program at any hospital you don't qualify for it, or is this just true for Parkland Hospital's residency program?
  2. narcissus

    Last semester nursing student...Help !!!!!!

    Hi there, I'll be starting my last semester on the 28th of this month and i know exactly how you feel. I am scared to death but imagine how you felt the very first day of nursing school, then imagine how you felt the first day of the 2nd semester ...
  3. narcissus

    Just diagnosed with breast cancer

    I admire your courage so much. My maternal and paternal grandmothers were both diagnosed with breast cancer, so i've seen the emotional and physical stress that it entails. The next time I complain about being tired and not wanting to finish school, ...
  4. narcissus

    DECEMBER '08 Grads!!!!!!!!

    i plan on staying in the city where i live to first get financially sound. after about a year or so, i definitely plan on moving to texas to start the next phase of my life. my dream is to work in the nicu. my birthday, x-mas, and graduation all fall...
  5. narcissus

    DECEMBER '08 Grads!!!!!!!!

    [color=deepskyblue]hi everbody! it's been a while since i have posted anything on here. it feels so good to finally be able to! hopefully i'll graduate dec. '08. :w00t: anyways--i was wondering how many december '08 grads do we have out there? how...