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  1. kbmommy21

    RN students that work and have kids

    i am in the last semester of a 2 yr ADN program, i have a 1 and 2 year old and work full time 36-40 hours a week. when i first started nursing school i had to work 6p-5a and start classes at 8a. yes you will be losing lots of sleep, yes sometimes you...
  2. kbmommy21

    WCCCCCCCD 1st and 2nd semester folks

    Mrs. Dunbar is the BEST. I had her for foundations lab and she was our sub for med surg 2 lecture. Relax everything will be fine. She is very supportive and does everything in her power to help you pass. Best of luck to you.
  3. kbmommy21

    DECEMBER '08 Grads!!!!!!!!

    And i thought i was the only one super excited about graduation in Dec although its only Jan. To celebrate I am going to take me a week or two vacation somewhere with sunny skies, grab me a couple drinks, and just chill. Well everybody lets get rea...