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  1. What type of job is this?
  2. There is a position open at a VA CBOC near me. CBOC = community based outpatient clinic. The position requirements are 2 years RN with medical surgical experience. I only have ICU experience. What kind of patients do you see in a clinic, what are your duties, etc? I am interested in this position but I have to have everything turned in within 7 days and would like some feedback about pt's and acuity/illness things you deal with daily. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. pooshx2

    ICU Gtt Cheat Sheet Wanted!

    Don't know if this is what kind of thing you are looking for, but this is a doc I got when I started as a new grad. Hope it helps. ~Erica Common Continuous Drips Used in the CC Setting.doc
  4. I am attaching the one that I use. There is a front and back side to this and I am able to fit my 2 sheets of paper for my 2 pts easily in my pocket. I cannot take all the credit for this, I actually adapted a sheet I found on allnurses that I used when I was on med-surg and then modified it when I went to ICU. I circle the pertinent info and write other things in the blank. Example, circle NGT and write LIS. Often I circle what I am told in report and then put a check next to it during my assessment if I agree or if there is a change I write it down in the report section. Under admit info - I put outlying facility they came from, ground air etc. My back page is the details and I circle the hours I have meds scheduled and accuchecks scheduled and this is where I write down temps and if titrating what their VS's were. Hope this helps! ~Erica daily pt detail sheet for back of report sheet.doc ICU report sheet by Erica.doc
  5. I am interested in any feedback on hospitals in the Phoenix area also. I graduate in December with an ADN. Are there hospitals that are more geared toward BSNs over ADNs? I am looking to start on a Med-Surg floor or Med-Tele floor. Area of town isn't a big concern of mine at this point. I would be willing to drive to a hospital that has a great new grad program that doesn't expect you to take 6 or 7 patients right away. Unfortunately I see that happening with some new grads where I work. After one week on the floor they are being pushed out with a level patient load. Thanks for any input! ~Erica
  6. pooshx2

    Flagstaff Nurses; feedback please

    Depending on where you are coming from, I suppose "high cost of living" is a subjective term. For the economy locally here in Flag, it is difficult for the "average worker bee" to make ends meet. Purchasing a home here is costly. The housing survey that the city put out in Jan 08 stated that you need to make $59/hour to purchase the median priced home in Flagstaff. It is difficult with costs rising everywhere. The city here considers itself a tourist attraction and that unfortunately often prices out the people who actually support the town. It can be "iffy" about prices on apartments too, because you don't know the area that you are getting a great deal on could be meth central. I guess it depends on what is important to you and what lifestyle you live as well as whether or not you come from a higher cost of living area, then it would be comparable. Other surveys to note, 1 in 9 people that live in Flag are trust fund babies and there are 1 in 90ish millionaires per group of 90ish people. (does that make sense?) OK, well hope that helps some. ~Erica
  7. By all means, don't feel alone in this! I too thought many of my peers were so confident as that is what they give off in clinicals, then a student asked me a question that I thought to myself - she isn't really asking me that, it is scary she is this far along and doesn't know what that means, but guess what, she really had no clue! I am starting to feel that a lot of my peers in class are as you said "faking it" in clinicals. I am in 3rd semester now and was on ICU the other day and made to feel like I had no right to have a uniform on by the staff nurse I was with. During our postconference I told my clinical instructor what specific questions she was asking me about the meds, guess what? My CI told me this nurse is in a NP program at the moment and the types of questions she was asking me, while good questions, no where near what is expected of me to be able to answer. That made me feel much better. I think that if any nursing student tells you that they don't suffer from moments of self doubt, they are lying to themselves. I am applying for an externship for over my summer break between 3rd and 4th semester. My goal is to listen to as many hearts and lungs as possible and then have the nurse listen also and tell me if she agrees with what I think I heard. I work as a tech and get patient care exposure often, but still feel lacking many days in my "nurse" skills. Hope this helps you to know there are lots of us out there who are still able to admit "we're learning!" . Good luck! ~Erica
  8. pooshx2

    Foley Catheter

    Ok, question for you then... hopefully this isn't something I should have done, but the RN I was with didn't say anything about it. About 3 weeks ago at clinicals, we received a patient from another facility and the pt's bladder was seriously distended and stated he hadn't voided all day (diff from report from RN at other facility) so we bladder scanned him and showed 933 mL. We straight cath'd him and got out about 980 mL. How would I have stopped at 750 mL without causing him some pain and making a huge mess? Thanks for any feedback! ~Erica
  9. pooshx2

    Overwhelmed By Cardiac...

    I really enjoyed the easy reading of Cardiovascular Care made Easy and Hemodynamic Monitoring made easy series of books that are the visual books. It really did what I needed as a CV for dummies (ie me initially!). Good luck! ~Erica
  10. pooshx2

    Personalized Rolling book bags?

    Try LL Bean's website. I am not sure of the shape of their rolling bags, but they embroider your name on them for like $5.95 extra. I have a few of their totes and have really liked them. I haven't made the plunge to a rolling bag yet, but I think I might have to for this last year! Good luck. ~Erica
  11. pooshx2

    What Is Your Nursing Specialty?

    Emergency Nursing would suit you well! ER - 100%, Travel and Critical Care - 88%, and OR and Nurse Anesthetist - 63%. Fun Quiz, thanks! ~Erica
  12. pooshx2

    DECEMBER '08 Grads!!!!!!!!

    I too graduate in December 2008!!! Woohoo!!! :w00t:I really want to plan a week vacation for after graduation, but that all depends on finances. I think it would be nice to take a week after graduation, before coming back to the stress of prepping for NCLEX! I am planning on having a professional graduation picture done too. I want one done with a nurses cap on and done in black and white, probably nerdy, but oh well, I want one and have sacrificed a lot to get through school and so I am going to do it! I can't wait to get back to entertaining and having parties and friends over, since I am lucky to put together a PB & J, let alone a meal for friends to enjoy. I definitely feel I have given up socializing and my poor hubby relies on the kindness of others wives for decent meals, when he doesn't feel like cooking. So, I'll have some making up to do! ~Erica
  13. pooshx2

    ALL white, non clog, non sneaker shoes??!!

    I wear these and love them! I got them online at onlineshoes.com for $99. They are super comfy, I bought a pair in brown too for work! They are the Dansko Calla. ~Erica
  14. pooshx2

    Beginning RN Salary in Louisiana

    I have one year left in an ADN program here in Arizona. My husband's whole family lives in LA. In Covington, Metairie and La Place. I would like to be somewhat close to that area when we relocate next year. I assume pay is higher in the city hospitals in NO vs. outside the city. If we were to live in Covington, it's about a 45 min drive across the causeway, right? Just curious what the starting rate is for new grad RNs in the NO area? I know it won't be as high as out here in AZ, but they are desperate out here due to the increasing elderly population that retires out here. Right now in AZ, as a PCT/Ed Tech I make almost $15/hour. Also, if you have any suggestions on good places to work as a new grad, that would be greatly appreciated! I am trying to start planning our move and might even consider my husband moving out over the summer and me spend my last semester out here alone. Thanks for any info you can give me! ~Erica
  15. pooshx2

    The waiting game...

    I got in first time when I applied in Oct 2006, I applied to several colleges. I started Yavapai in Jan 2007 and hope to graduate in Dec 2009! They have a different entrance exam than the NET, it is called the NLN (national league of nursing) entrance exam. It was more difficult than the NET but not as hard as the HESI entrance exam in my opinion. I applied to places that required one of the 3 tests, so I have taken all the entrance exams. I got in to Pioneer Community College in Winslow and Yavapai College (they have a Prescott and Camp Verde campus) for the January after I applied. I chose Yavapai because they have a good reputation (look at the pass rates on the board here) and it was closer to me. That is why if you are mobile and can be flexible about where you go, I would apply all around. You also have Pima Community College down in Tucson too. We have a girl in the class behind us who drives up from Anthem everyday for school. She didn't move, says it is about an hour and 15 minutes. Good luck!
  16. pooshx2

    The waiting game...

    I applied in Oct 2006 and was scheduled to start at Glendale CC in January. I turned down my slot so one should be opened up there for Jan. I got into Yavapai College and go to the Camp Verde campus and just finished my first year. I only have a year to go. Definitely look around if you have options to not stay in Phx. as you can get in sooner with the same pre reqs.