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madampomfrey specializes in Pediatric CVICU.

New grad, aspire to be nursing educator

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  1. madampomfrey

    Peds/infant stethoscope

    Hi everyone! I just passed boards and started working in a Peds CVICU. The majority of our patients are infants so I have found that my new Littmann stethoscope is way to big for this teeny babies but a new chest piece is nearly as pricey as a tota...
  2. madampomfrey

    New grad accepted peds offer

    Hi everyone! I just graduated and have accepted a position in a Peds CVICU. I started yesterday and found out today that I passed boards. I am super excited but very nervous because there is still tons to learn. I wish you all the best as Peds nu...
  3. madampomfrey

    Fall 08 start . . .what are you studying now??

    KentuckyRN2Be, I also did a full semester of Health promotion but I also go to a Kentucky school. I know that seems boring but it is helpful and makes sense in the long run. To answer intensity_too: I am in my final semester so we are currently c...
  4. madampomfrey

    Nusing educator?

    Sorpiostudent, I have been told that you can be an NP and serve as an instructor. There are several at my school doing this but they sort of have to wear to hats if you know what I mean. ~K
  5. madampomfrey

    Nusing educator?

    Hi, I'm currently in my final semester of nursing school (I graduate in 3 months ). I have recently found myself rethinking what I want to do with my degree. For years now I had planned to get my DNP and be a family nurse practitioner. I even pick...
  6. madampomfrey

    Any NP hopefuls??

    I too want to be an NP. My current plans are graduation in December then work for a year then start grad school! I want to be a family NP.
  7. madampomfrey

    Contracts with hospital to pay for education

    I know that several hospitals have this option, I for one chose not to take it. A coworker of mine has a contract but the problem with this is that she had to sign it before starting classes and clinicals. She ended up hating the facility and is in...
  8. madampomfrey

    Graduating December 2008??

    I too am graduating in december and can't wait!! This semester I'll be taking public health nursing class and clinical, professional issues, high acuity, and my practicum (120 hours with preceptor), so I will be doing 14 hours this semester.
  9. madampomfrey

    End finally in sight

    I just received an email telling me my assignment for my senior practicum and I got the hospital I wanted (Vanderbilt). I am so thrilled but getting this email has caused it to really hit home that I graduate in less than 5 months!! I can't wait and...
  10. madampomfrey

    nurse tech interview

    When I interviewed in the past they asked me about why I choose nursing and where I see myself in nursing in the long run. I also remember some general questions about how I generally handle things and what my best and worst qualities are. During t...
  11. My school requires a 3.0. When I applied I had a 3.4 and was made an alternate but guaranteed a spot next time around but by then I had a 3.6. The good thing is that once you get in your GPA doesnt matter. People who came in with 4.0s haven't done...
  12. madampomfrey

    4.0 all four semesters?

    I think it depends on your program. I am going into my 4th semester and I have a 4.0 as far as nursing classes go. I actually have done better in nursing school than I did in my prereqs.
  13. madampomfrey

    Witnessed my first death

    One of the problems with my job is that I provide care for the whole floor not a particular set of patients. Because of this I don't receive report on the patients because we have more than 40 beds on my floor. So I did not know that this patient w...
  14. madampomfrey

    Witnessed my first death

    So...I was at my job today as a tech when I witnessed my first death. Myself and another tech were in a patient's room to complete their wound care. I was holding them on their side while she took care of the dressing. My friend suddenly told me t...
  15. madampomfrey

    St. Frances NICU

    I have been told that the whole l&d and nursery floor is remaining open. Hope this helps SFH is great.