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Dear Nurse Beth;

I am an RN with just an ADN. I think of going back to school but I won't get paid anymore and I would have to pay for the education. I have friends who are ARNP's and I make more money than they do. They work more hours than me and yet get paid less. I don't understand why there is such a push for education when you don't get paid for it. If Nurse practitioners got paid more I would go back to school.

After many years practice as an ADRN I made the choice to finish my BSN. There were several factors that affected my decision to return to taking classes. I happen to work at a large teaching hospital in Boston, that now only hires BSNs as do most of the hospitals in the area. I didn't want them coming to me unexpectedly and requiring me to finish my BS on their terms in order to keep my job. Doing it on my own time frame, was much less stressful. My hospital provided $2000 per year of tuition reimbursement. Now that I have finished my BSN, I only make an additional 30 cents per hour, but know that I have the ability to get a new job if I want to. I found an online RN to BSN program from Rivier University in NH. I had actually taken classes on their physical campus when I was working toward my AD so I knew that it was a legit program. There was no additional clinical required, which was a big factor for me. At the time, the online classes were around 300 per credit, so around $1000 per class. For me it just made sense.

OP: It can come down to your facility suddenly requiring you to get your BSN in order to keep your job.

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Education solely for more money is not the right reason for it. If you happy without your bsn and you employer is, then don't bother. Only do more study if you want to learn and advance you career. Same goes for being a nurse practitioner as you mentioned, it should be for job statisfaction not money.

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As other posters have eluded too, at least bite the bullet and bridge to BSN for nothing else but gaining potential job security. There are many reasonably priced, nonprofit, and fully accredited schools like Western Governors that have curriculum centered around working nurses.

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If you got your BSN you'd have more flexibility in the job market if you want to make a change some day. Also, you may find out that you like the intellectual stimulation. That being said, vet the program well. Some RN to BSN programs are more BS than N...

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Yes I agree, my issue is going in debt for a degree that doesn't pay anymore. If my work paid for the degree I would be willing to go back. My facility pays very little and I'm not ready to go in debt for the degree if I don't have to.

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