what do you do on your days off?


what fun things do you enjoy doing? myself, i enjoy playing video games, sewing, and wasting time on facebook! :D

I crochet, clean the house, run errands, binge watch Netflix with the dogs, and do all the things I can't get done otherwise.


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ive tried crocheting..i can make scarves but thats it. i wish i had the discipline to make an afghan!

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depends, if weather is nice ill usually take my classic car out for a drive and meet up with some friends. otherwise its gym, laundry, coffee/tea and a good book.


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Binge watch Netflix. Video games. You know, general laziness that involves pajamas and bed/couch time. My mind is very active but body is dead.

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if you have netflix, Elementary is a good show. just my .02

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I recently discovered martial arts!

It's awesome to stay flexible and for self discipline which, I sorely need!

Other than that, I'm on the computer.


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i am waiting for fallout 4 to come out..pretty excited about that!

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Right now, spending time with my family, homework, housework, and working out. Once I graduate and am working as an RN, I will be able to enjoy reading (so many comics are calling my name!) for leisure, and gaming. I miss game nights, both virtual and table top :(.


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School, drink, cry. In that order.

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been playing destiny, waiting for star wars battlefront to come out for the past few months lol

Feel as if I do nothing feel antsy on my day's off. Usually run/workout see the fiance after she is done with school. We at least have the same weekends off for the time being so we go for walks outside or the mall, go to the gym together, visit friends on the weekends, play card games, and watch movies. Huge movie buff. Try to read like to read more like I said antsy work variable shifts so my body never knows when to rest ha! Hoping to go to school next year at least going to class one day a week will keep me preoccupied. Outside of that love my sleep on my day's off.