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a few days left


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So I know that there are many people on here who believe there should be a limit on how many exams someone should be able to take, which is fine because everyone has their own opinion, but I am one of those retakers and I am testing again in two days (nothing against those who are firm believers, trust me!!). Just looking for some advice on what to do these next few days, some say questions some say content, etc. but I would really appreciate positive vibes from anyone who is willing to share! Thanks so much :)

Hello. First off, I am a test retaker so I wanted to give you some encouragement. I understand how you felt about failing NCLEX. It really does suck. It makes you feel like in the twilight zone where you can't move forward and you get to watch all your classmates move forward.

From my experience, the next few days, you want to do whatever it takes to relax yourself and keep your confidence up. I personally continued to answer questions until the night before the exam. The day before the exam, I took Kaplan sample tests and also watched a movie. My anxiety was down because I was doing decent on those sample tests except one, which freaked me out. Whatever you like to do to reduce anxiety, stress, etc, I say do it but continue to do light studying.

If I can pass NCLEX, anyone can. You have to set your mind to it and overcome your weakness. I wish you good luck! I passed on my 2nd attempt with 149 questions. Please take breaks. I took breaks after every 50 questions to keep calm. I also took full advantage of the white boards. I liked to write down which answer I was eliminating and why to help reduce 2nd guessing myself.

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The day before, do nothing..just chill out! Its too late to absorb any useful content at this time, so I would focus on questions. Never change your answers during the test, its a bad habit some find it hard to break and good luck.