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hopefulxx has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency Medicine.

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  1. hopefulxx

    Gerontological Nursing Exam

    Hi all. I just applied to take my Gerontological Nurse certification exam. I was just wondering if anyone has taken the exam already and what they used for study material? There are so many different books and study guides so if anyone can add their insight it'd be appreciated! Hoping this finds you all safe and healthy! Thanks for any suggestions 🙂
  2. hopefulxx


    Great, good to know. Thanks for the input !
  3. hopefulxx


    Hi all! First and foremost, thank you all for fighting this pandemic on the front lines! So proud to be in this profession. Hope you are all healthy. I am in the process of applying for a certification through ANCC. I work on an ED Obs unit so I see geri, med surg and ER patients. I was curious if anyone has taken any of these certifications and if so, which is the best one to take? It's pretty pricy so I cannot take them all right now LOL. Just looking for some insight! 🙂 Thanks! Stay safe!!
  4. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    no, I'm in New York and they didn't require me to take a remedial class although that could have been helpful. I took a review course on my own. Lots of luck!
  5. hopefulxx

    NLEX-RN out of school for 3 years -need program to teach me the material

    I just took the course called Ready to Pass, it was in Long Island and they offer online courses and I believe they offer courses in Queens. Please look into it! It was my savior! I took the nclex 5x before I passed and this course helped me tremendously I recommend it to anyone who asks now! Go to readytopass.com and see what they have to offer that fits your schedule and time frame! Good luck :)
  6. I took my exam at 2pm because I'm not a morning person either! I think it helped tremendously because I was able to wake up at a decent hour, get myself ready and relax a little bit before I had to head over to the testing site! Lots of luck to you
  7. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Try looking into readytopass.com. They offer online lectures. Also, try NCBSN and UWorld for questions!
  8. hopefulxx

    Answer me if you have experience in Uworld

    I used UWorld and only answered about 600 questions. My scores ranged from 50's-80's with a 64% average. I also passed in 75 questions! Take your time with each question and definitely try to understand why your answer was wrong or right! Wishing you luck :)
  9. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Thank you! I read up about the precautions on the CDC's website. They are very informative. Also there was a review floating around on here. If you type it into google you can probably find it! Just know what precautions to take with certain diseases. Airborne: private room, n95 respirator mask, mask for patient while transporting, gloves, keeping the door closed.. Droplet: private room, surgical mask, mask for patient, gloves, you do not need to keep the door closed Contact: all equipment for the patient only to be kept in the room, gown, gloves (Etc) Know which diseases require each precaution. Also keep in mind that you can cohort patients if they have the same organism. Example: a patient with bacterial pneumonia can be in a room with a patient with bacterial pneumonia but not a patient with a different pneumonia (if that makes sense) Hope this helps!! :)
  10. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Thank you! And yes I know exactly how you feel. I let the fear of disappointment take a toll on me, so please take my advice when I tell you that you are NOT alone! And just because you failed does not mean you will not succeed and be a great nurse! Wishing you lots of luck :)
  11. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Thank you so much!!!
  12. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Thank you so much! I was skeptical about UWorld also so I tried a free trial and I loved it so I purchased the 1 week subscription for $20 because I stared using it only a week or two before my exam. It is definitely worth it, give it a shot! I used Hurst as well but the course I just recently took absolutely took precedent over any other course. Kaplan is good, but it is more of test taking strategies than content. I needed to review content and figure out how to read through the questions. Do not second guess yourself and have confidence, which is something that I lacked previously. Think about what the question is asking and what you as a nurse can do to help your patient. Use strategies and learn how to eliminate answer choices that you know are 100% wrong. Once you do that try to think in your head what the difference between the last options are. Take your time and read the question carefully! Wishing you lots of luck, you can do this!! Let me know if I can help you any further :)
  13. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    Thank you! And please do not give up, you can do this! My scores on UWorld were all ranging from 60's-80's. Keep practicing and you will get it! Don't just use those questions to study though. Make sure you review the content areas that will be tested, especially infection control (precautions, etc). I also used NCSBN. They have good descriptions on categories that you may be struggling with. Hope this helped a little bit, let me know if you need anything else and I wish you the best of luck :)
  14. hopefulxx

    Finally passed nclex (sept.2015)

    so let me start off by saying that my journey to become a nurse has not been easy or short! I recently passed on my 6th attempt, yup my SIXTH attempt with 75 questions! I graduated in May 2014 and have been struggling to pass ever since. It has been a long and hard year and a half but I finally made it and I promised myself that I would write a post giving advice and words of encouragement to repeat test takers. I have used Kaplan, Hurst, Saunders, Feuer and a bunch of other books that I probably have all of barnes and noble on my own bookshelf! I began to have severe test taking anxiety and a fear of disappointment which overwhelmed me and took over my life. I did not realize why I kept failing or where I was going wrong. This time around I used UWorld which, let me tell you, has THE BEST q-bank I've done thus far. The rationales are so in detail and it really helped me begin to see which content areas I was lacking in. On top of that I took a review course called Ready to Pass, and this review course was by far the greatest thing. It was a 5 day course and I took my exam the day after the course was over and 75 questions later I am officially an RN!! I believe they offer course all in the NY/NJ area but they also offer online lectures. This class really taught me how to think through questions as well as brush up on the knowledge that I seemed to have forgotten since graduating. Now, I am not the best test taker. But when they say that confidence is key, confidence is key. I went into the test feeling very calm and ready to pass. I walked out of the test also feeling very calm and I felt good, which I never felt all of the other times I have taken it. I had about 7-10 sata, 1 dosage, infection control and priority were a majority. The last question was a sata and I looked it up when I got home and I don't think I got it right so the myth about that must be wrong! When I got up to question 74 my heart started to race a little and then after the 75th question I felt a sense of relief. It took me about 2 hrs. to finish the exam from the time I sat down. Sorry that this is long!! And if you decided to read it, please feel free to ask for advice. And to all of the retakers, please do NOT give up. I wanted to give up and quit but I pushed through and I worked very hard and now here I am! You can do it, you just have to have faith in yourself :)
  15. hopefulxx

    ready to pass

    Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone has taken the course called Ready to Pass and if you did what are your thoughts? I am a retaker and I have heard of this course from a few of my coworkers. Any advice or suggestions are appreciated! Thanks :)
  16. hopefulxx

    Question books

    Hi all, i was wondering if there were any recommendations for good study books for the nclex-rn that are straight questions and rationales. I am having a hard time finding some Thanks!