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Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest


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Oh Lord...tell me you wore gloves!!

My overly needy patient I have had for a week finally had a BM and they will be discharged! Also I do not smell like urine before lunch.

Hallelujah my relief is actually on time!!

Thank God my shift is over and I can take off my shoes!

Only had 2 patients get mad when I took a quick potty break today!

Made it through the shift without having to restrain anyone!

Thank you Lawd Jesus, I found my favorite pen!

adequate staffing...praise the Lord

"Oh, someone said they called you and told you, you could be cut today. You can go home."

Thank you dear sweet baby Jesus, I'm not pulling a double after all!

Lord, thank you! All my favorite people are working with me tonight!

When the patients tell you ...Your still here...or your back...you should get a room!