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Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest


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We did it!! Twins... VAGINALLY!!!!

A whole shift without an IV pump beeping! Wooo hoooo!!!

All right! I will answer that call light.

Time to pray for my patients super quick recovery!

YES!! It's NURSES WEEK again!!!


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A Shift from Hell, but no one died, including patients and staff. Praise BE.

Nobody on the floor, nobody pulling any tubes out, but most of all nobody trying to go to breakfast at 2am!!!!

Praise Jesus the shift is over and am going home! Am off later too :)

When you see the next shift walking in! Almost out of here!

Praise the Gods, I finally

got to pee today!

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Maxed out on Levo, Vaso, Dopamine, Epi, Bicarb, fentanyl, and propofol drip. Blood pressure still low and full code. But his temp went down!

Yes Lawd! Mrs. Smith is being discharged!!!!

halleluiah....my shift is over with no major problems....

Hot Damn...I made it through that staff meeting without falling asleep!!!

YES! I survived another day without some form of bodily fluids attacking me!!!

"YES! I remembered everything I needed to bring into my isolation room!"

I've got this! there is no need to panic!