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We have volunteers that go through training. We get students that need to do volunteer hours come through. I'm in ICU so it's a bit different. But the med surg floor has tons of volunteers. Our hospital partnered up with the nursing colleges. The nursing students get there volunteer hours and it's a way to network with other RNs, managers, and be able to make your face known.

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I like it!

It helps students learn how to network and get a toe in to actual patient issues, while helping out the floor.

Two birds, one stone. Excellent!


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I feel your pain OP. A bed alarm is useless if no one is available to respond. If I'm toileting one patient, I cannot leave them to get another that is trying to get up. We ofter have no techs and 7 pts per nurse on a med surg unit. They think we have issues with time management and that is false.


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I still hear bed alarms and pagers beeping in my head to this day. I really don't miss that part of LTC work.

No matter if 100 NAs are hired, ALL staff should respond to alarms. I hated working with nurses who stood there, minding their cart while a resident is conked out on the floor and you have to run across the facility to get to them.

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