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  1. Allnurses needs nurses

    I had an A&P classmate wonder why she hadn't gotten into the nursing program, wondering how important could microbiology really be to a nursing education.
  2. Advice studying LPN/Medical Assistant

    We had a few paramedics and a couple EMTs in our class. Our nursing instructors were biased against them, saying nursing school was harder for them. Maybe, but they were the first people my classmates and I went to with any questions about acute care...
  3. Advice studying LPN/Medical Assistant

    I was a CNA for 5-6 years, CMA for 9 years, and now a RN for 1 year. There are a few good points by the other responses on this thread. First, medical assistant programs are notorious at overselling their product and overcharging for it. Medical assi...
  4. Is it worth paying for RN resume?

    I like to tinker with my resumes too. Your advice on using key words from the job description is valuable. I've never done much with that. Thank you for mentioning it.
  5. Is it worth paying for RN resume?

    I didn't know there was such a thing, not sure why. That seems like a valuable way to make money; that being, because there's always someone to pay for a "guarantee" of being rewarded something. Whether that be a job (paying for a resume) or a grade ...
  6. New Grad - Resume Review Appreciated!

    Is NCLEX-RN correct? I always understood it that we put which board of nursing has licensed us.
  7. Drug testing in Nursing Programs? (Anoka Ramsey CC)

    Hmm. I agree with the other nurses, smoking while in school is not going to do you any favors. Not sure of ARCC policy, in general, but I attended another MANE program school, and we did not test. That being said, many employers do and if the school ...
  8. Quitting 2nd new grad job for family

    Hello, I bring my personal life to for needed advice from nurses much more experienced than I. About me: I'm in my 30s, been in healthcare for 15 yrs (8 mo as an RN), married, and mom of a brand new kindergartener. I've got 1 year lef...
  9. You will not be sorry if you choose Inver Hills. I hope that's where you decided to go. Their instructors are not comparable to any others- they're absolutely amazing!
  10. Mane with MetroState

    So the deal with the MANE program is that you're enrolled in both you CC and MetroState (and what ever school it is up north). Anyone who plans on still transferring at the end of the ADN instead of continuing the MetroState part? So far my experienc...
  11. That's not entirely true, unfortunately. At my school, ihcc, the lowest score was 11.2. You need to be in the "best" 50 applying. I would guess that it'd be similar to F14 scores, but slightly higher with people understanding what's going on and ge...
  12. Fall 2014 IHCC MANE Program

    A friend went and talked to a counselor to get real stats from the last admissions (she's applying for the spring program). The lowest GPA they took was a 3.25, the lowest combined score was 11.46, and the highest TEAS score was 93%. The most importa...
  13. Everyone Won't Succeed. And That's Okay!

    Very nice. If only politicians and educational leaders cam get a read at this. Maybe they'd stop shoving college down everyone's throats.
  14. Podiatric nurse assisstant

    Yes. I went to a conference in podiatric conference in MN. There were medical assistants, nurses, and nursing assistants that all specialized in podiatric assisting.
  15. I'm from Minnesota. Our podiatrists do not doing any nail trimmings or callus debridements. However, they treat nail fungus, will fix ingrown nails, and debride wounds. We refer patients our to foot care nurses and their small businesses. This starts...