Daily Staff Management

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Looking to see what other managers out there use for daily staff management. Thinking of float dates, voluntary time off, mandated time off, as well as see what competencies the staff working have. In my time I have seen everything from paper in a binder, to my current unit uses a Microsoft access database. I have tried looking to see if there was some type of software out there for this and could not find anything.

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Nah, I've never seen one program that does all that. Just various excel spreadsheets or paper binders. Time off is recorded through our timecard software (Kronos).


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What Klone is saying. I have worked within systems that are decentralized for the most part and a combination of centralized and decentralized systems that used software but largely depended on paper for PTO requests to include a large staff calendar. Now I work for an organization that is 100% decentralized and uses software. The paper calendar is gone! ? I love it! It is much easier to see requests v. core needs. It also gives everyone an opportunity, to include adding themselves at last minute, to be available to be booked at the last minute.

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Great question. I have worked in a few places and although the electronic version is pricey and the companies loathe the idea of investment, they prove their worth. Kronos has a system that can be pushed out to the staff to use to ease the transactions, as well as I think ADP. My big thing is just having one point person to manage the volume of time requests for the department. That position is so critical to have, otherwise it will consume a manager's time upwards of 40%.


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We use shift select and is able to handle most what you are looking for.