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Psychiatry / Hospital Administration
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DJSexton has 4 years experience as a RN and specializes in Psychiatry / Hospital Administration.

USAF Veteran, Professional Nurse Leader, Law Enforcement. Nurse Manager.

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  1. DJSexton

    Nursing is really a dangerous profession

    It’s sad that the patient passed away. I work with the psychiatric population mostly and there is considerable risk with much of the population. Some people you can reach and others not so easy. I don’t know if this is relative, but it is noteworthy. I use respect each and all the time, every time. No matter what kind of rapport I build and it’s not always easy, the patient can never say I didn’t demonstrate respect and care. This is important to reducing the risk of unpredictable outcomes as uncontrollable as they may be. It works. Nursing is about being intimately close to a persons trust and that may be uncomfortable sometimes. But demonstrating respect and care every time has never failed me.
  2. DJSexton

    Nurse/Police Officer?

    Greetings, I am both. I started LE in my early 30's and was considering going full time. But at the time, I had a nice job, nice salary, and nice schedule. So, I decided to stay PT. I then later pursued the RN and am a FT Psych RN, leveraging my life and street experience in psych. I love it.
  3. DJSexton

    When patients keep calling 911

    I completely understand your frustration. I work on an acute psych unit and it does happen. As RN's we do not tell patients they cannot call 911. But we do tell them in a supportive, structured, and suggestive way that the RN's are the answer and they have to work with us for their concerns. Does the patient really want the police looking for them upon discharge for excessive 911 calls r/t non-criminal matters and abuse of services??? Get them to understand it isn't the option to pursue. I typically build a picture that we've improved their wellbeing while they have been there and that we are committed to continuing to same. There is always the unit manager to call. Have the manager establish a relationship for unit accountability. Good luck!
  4. DJSexton


    Well, we came here seeking some guidance/support for a question posed. And asking the question, with providing an answer seems to defeat the purpose of asking a question and seeking an objective answer without diluting the results with bias. Being new to the forum, apparently there are some informal rules of engagement I was (we were) not aware of. I am a professional through and through, but I simply do not care for being degraded by an assumption. I am now appreciative that the OP participants (constructive contributors) have helped me think this thorough and of course, the next post I endeavor to make I will learn forward and word with rationale. The actual answers were very helpful and you confirmed my thought process, so again I sincerely thank you. We have some bruises from the experience, but we worked the solution together. P.S. I do like GOT, but you can't hold that against me! ; ) Ah, my semester is over in mid-May. I understand my place to this new world I am learning to adapt. However, I bring an awful lot of experience to this field as well which is to say I deserve some respect. The latter posts, that were really quite un-supportive to say the least. Pitting my wife and I as boring? Really? I'll end my post here to be professional.
  5. DJSexton


    Hi Just Beachy, Of course it leads to the electrolytes. But our instructor insisted all 29 of the students were incorrect in lecture by choosing that answer. We all knew it was right. Since we are doing med/surg II, we are covering GI disorders, and the professor said nope, it was the card (BECAUSE we were covering THAT subject). We were all just dumbfounded. Even my wife was like nope, as the question was asked, serum electrolytes was the highest priority. Thanks for your help.
  6. DJSexton


    Honey, it's painfully obvious that some are woefully ignorant, regardless of their education. While we appreciate their extremely leading responses, the question begs of whether they practice hip shooting in their profession, since it all arrives from their mental models anyhow. If there is one thing in life I've learned it's when someone is on the attack, it's quite clear it's a coping mechanism for shortcomings elsewhere. I just hope they are clever enough to post their workplace so we know never to visit THAT town while on vacation, for fear of ever having to be in their care.
  7. DJSexton

    forced to come in on days off?

    Hello and I feel for you feeling you have to cover your unit as you do. From a purely business perspective, the manager is accountable for the operation. Do not forget you also maintain the leadership role to vision your unit to efficiency. If you are staffed appropriately for headcount, and more than 30% call out (while still attaining their on call pay) regularly, then you need to work the problem to solution. Adhere to attendance policy and write staff up. There is not enough time in the day to keep staff that don't pull their weight. Oddly enough, a tough manager earns greater respect from staff when the manager holds them accountable. You either spend your time managing or working. You're either a manager or not. If you feel you don't have control, it's because you probably don't. Good luck and start cracking the whip.
  8. DJSexton

    Stethoscope littmann cardiology III

    I purchased my cardiology stethoscope from Allheart. Com. Look for the sales, even though they often exclude Littmanns. Also, my stethoscope only has one diaphragm with a rubber accessory for the higher sounds. I've learned it's inconvenient to carry the accessory around. Next time I upgrade it will be a cardiology with a double bell. Otherwise, the quality of auscultation is unparalleled. Good luck!

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