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DJSexton has 6 years experience as a RN and specializes in Psychiatry / Hospital Administration.

USAF Veteran, Professional Nurse Leader, Law Enforcement. Nurse Manager.

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  1. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Dear JLK33, Thank you for the dialogue, as I did glean important perspectives and respectfully appreciate your position. I will gladly accept your invitation to ponder and I hope you take care as well ?
  2. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    The quote above is intended to mean that the whole industry was caught off guard. Not everyone got rid of their N95 fit testing, so it's not fair to say all are guilty because of limited examples. But no one was prepared for the pandemic. I'll maint...
  3. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    Greetings, It seems we both are passionate and I applaud that. Thank you for being thoughtful, and collaborative. There are many points I could respond to, some out of or presumptive of context, and yes, I am both still a floor nurse at heart who don...
  4. Nursing Is No Longer Worth It

    This is a passionate post for many here and rightly so, it probably should be since most nurses see their role as both a privilege and a responsibility to serve other humans when they are vulnerable. I cannot imagine a world without nurses to sit at ...
  5. 46 and the best business decision I ever made. Emotionally, such a privilege to serve in the intimate sphere of people in need.
  6. Need advise regarding uncomfortable, disrespectful situation

    Lots-o-comments on this one. Being a male RN, can I offer a perspective? I'm in psych where the best of the best in this specialty actually are pretty damn good at what we do. When I had my clinical in OB/GYN for school, I had heard the nurses didn't...
  7. Nothing changes as long as you obey

    Hi, I read your post with interest. It comes off as strong out of the gate. While everyone is entitled to their stance, there is generally some truth in it as well as embellishment. If I could offer anything in general, and coming from a family where...
  8. Too strong of a personality?

    When it comes to some topics, an simple inquiry can elicit a ton of responses. There are so many examples and advice here it is nearly impossible to find what would actually work for your specific situation. And, "could you define strong personality"...
  9. Recommendations for Online RN to BSN Programs

    Hi Coopman, I attend Chamberlain and I am very satisfied with my curriculum. They have a solid reputation within the industry, and afford advancement opportunities in graduate degrees. I ride the military discount for my service time which helps, and...
  10. Going behind manager?

    For sticky situations, seems to be the place to go. Yes, it would improve your relationship with your direct manager to have a conversation. In fact, if you do not, you will have broken trust, and further exacerbated it by circumventing...
  11. Nurse manager communication issue

    You've come to the right place! First, I congratulate you on your decision to pursue the unknown. Management can be a scary place they say. In my experience, the leader that succeeds to best is someone who is always willing to be marginally uncomfort...
  12. Calling a Nurse Manager?

    Great topic. How does one best position themselves to opportune the candidacy?? Any hospital is a big machine with countless moving parts, operating 24/7. There is a lot of work to do supporting patients, and taking the time out to look for great emp...
  13. Egocentric Managers

    You have a great post topic here as many a nurse have wanted to grow and the transitions can get sticky, or even political. My little bit of wisdom for what it is worth: In general, 1) Check with HR for policy guidelines and expectations. You do not ...
  14. Daily Staff Management

    Great question. I have worked in a few places and although the electronic version is pricey and the companies loathe the idea of investment, they prove their worth. Kronos has a system that can be pushed out to the staff to use to ease the transactio...
  15. Nursing is really a dangerous profession

    It’s sad that the patient passed away. I work with the psychiatric population mostly and there is considerable risk with much of the population. Some people you can reach and others not so easy. I don’t know if this is relative, but it is noteworthy....