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SFANURSE2011 has 9 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in ICU, IR, PACU.

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  1. SFANURSE2011

    IR NP?

    Yes, you can find a job with a radiology group and just perform procedures all day. At some facilities I have worked at. They mostly do midlevel procedures thora, para, port placement, dialysis access, and may get access for an angiogram. That being said one is doing rounds on inpatient while the other is doing procedures. Just know wherever you go, you maybe limited as a NP on patient population since some IR will cater to pediatrics or be looking for a NP/PA with procedure experience already versus trying to teach them procedures. Good luck! Procedure nursing is very rewarding. 🙂
  2. SFANURSE2011

    G tube drainage question

    I work in IR where we occasional remove tubes. These are the instructions I give: Change dressing as often as needed if bandage becomes soaked. Nothing by mouth for four hours following tube removal.Use food coloring to dye any food before eating. Eat only very lightly after four hours. Limit the amount of liquids until you are certain there is no leakage from the tube site. If food contents (dye) are seen to leak from the wound site, stop eating/drinking; wait one hour; repeat the trial. Only small meals should be eaten for the first 48 hours to allow the stomach to close. Larger meals may stretch the stomach and prevent closure of the wound. The wound may continue to seep for several days. This is normal and should not be concerning unless food/liquid continues to leak. If so, call your doctor. Change the dressing as often as necessary to keep the wound site dry. Once there is no longer seeping, no dressing is needed. Try a food dye and see if it comes out the wound where the g tube use to be. Also make sure her diet isn't crazy with heavy solid food.
  3. SFANURSE2011

    Drexel DHSc program verses PhD Program

    I recently asked an old professor about getting PhD. This was her response, "I think the big difference is the research focus. I see DNPs as docs in practice who come up with great ideas for evidence-based practice changes and PhDs more as academic researchers. Together, we are a good combination." First, think about what part of the equation you want to be. Were you wanting to teach nurses? Might look at programs that teach the area you really want to be. Had an old classmate start school at Duquesne University Doctor of Nursing Practice. She is more Evidence Based practice than a researcher and still wants to be a nursing educator which won't interfere with her tenure track at the university she works at.
  4. SFANURSE2011

    neuro ICU RN role in neuro IR?

    We use to have them stay if they have a EVD. However things changed and we only call the neuro ICU charge if we have any issues with the EVD. Otherwise, it's only the neuro IR nurse in the room if the patient is intubated, stable, and coiling is happening. We only get anesthesia involved if they weren't already intubated or if they were unstable. Hope that helps.
  5. SFANURSE2011

    Should I finish my MSN

    Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I was kinda in the same boat. Had only 4 classes or so left and left back in 2015. I recently started going back but switch to MSN in Leadership which allowed more room for wiggle (electives) instead of 4 I have technically 6 classes but, much better than starting over from square 1 with someone else. Once you obtain your MSN you can always take additional courses to get your certification for leadership or education if that is the true path you want. Food for thought. Thanks!
  6. SFANURSE2011

    neuro ICU RN role in neuro IR?

    We use to have them stay if they have a EVD. However things changed and we only call the neuro ICU charge if we have any issues with the EVD. Otherwise, it's only the neuro IR nurse in the room if the patient is intubated, stable, and coiling is happening. We only get anesthesia involved if they weren't already intubated or if they were unstable. Hope that helps.
  7. SFANURSE2011

    IR Nurses that deal with outpatient LP Chemo

    IR nurses in my department are also chemo certified not OCN but chemo training is provided. We verify with the the ordering physician and another RN and release the order from the treatment plan for the pharmacy to make then have the radiologist administer the chemo.
  8. SFANURSE2011

    Interested in IR nursing

    My biggest thing when I transitioned from ICU to IR was the call. We ended up taking 7 to 14 days of call a month. This was in due to being part of a teaching facility who was also going for stroke accreditation and we have to have two IR teams one for neuro and one for body. Once I came to terms with that, I love procedural nursing. My IR we take care of critical care patient without the ICU nurse. Manage drips, vents, A line along with providing adequate sedation for procedure is what I was meant to do.
  9. SFANURSE2011

    What's your MRI process like?

    We required the referring physician to prescribed oral medication before their exam. That being said. One group, breast specialist had standing orders for Xanax for their patients before a MRI where we didn't have to call and get the order. If the patient couldn't tolerate oral and do the MRI, I would provide them with locations where they could receive general anesthesia for a MRI. Honestly though, I feel that is always overkill and you may die of the anesthesia than be able to go through 30-40 minutes for a typical MRI exam. To each his own though.
  10. SFANURSE2011

    Hard time getting a contract as a couple

    That's not true. When I was on assignment in NH CC had a couple working in the same unit. They even worked a majority of the same days.
  11. SFANURSE2011

    Medical Center of Plano

    It's an HCA facility. Charting system is meditech and its a non teaching I believe. I never worked there but it can be known for being harsh to travelers in the step down unit and ICU. I can't say much for med surg. There is plenty to do in that area it's right beside Addison which is a younger crowd and about 15-20 mins for downtown Dallas. Hope this helps.
  12. SFANURSE2011


    Cross country last time I heard were starting exclusive contracts but call different agencies and see which one has openings at Vandy
  13. SFANURSE2011

    Travel Nursing

    I would say L&D and PICU are the highest demand areas where if that was your speciality you could go anywhere. ER/ICU/OR/Procedure labs are great as well. Med-Surg just be prepared for a lot of competition for assignments.
  14. SFANURSE2011


    Texas is notorious for not being friendly to travelers. However it really just depends on where you work. Not every place will be the same. Agencies are dime a dozen and it is to your benefit to look for more than one agency to work with. I have found the smaller the better pay in Texas. Also for the jurisprudence test, don't freak out. You can look at the Texas BON website while taking the test. At least you use to have that ability. Remember, no matter what people say protect your license and use Safe Harbor when you feel it is unsafe patient care. I personally never had an issue with safety, but others have and Texas hospitals are known for high acuity with high nurse to patient ratio. Hope some of this information helps! Enjoy your first assignment!
  15. SFANURSE2011

    Floating for 1st assignment?

    My first assignment I was assigned to a unit. However being a traveler, I floated to other units like other ICU, step down, and telemetry, and seem to even float more than their float pool did. Just know its a part of the job and most places will give you a resource nurse or a buddy to help you out during the shift well at least some places I worked did. Others it was Everyman for himself. And don't let floating scare you. Happens to everyone I always tell other people I'm just a tug boat lol.
  16. SFANURSE2011

    Workers Comp

    I only had two weeks left on the contract. I was moving a patient back from CT to ICU with a CNA. The bed in route while we were navigating corridors somehow move forward and collided with me and the wall during transportation. I filled the required paperwork per facility and agency that I use and was out of work for 4 days which there are only two days left to work. I have had multiple issues at this facility with various things. My question is has other nurses encountered any injuries while working and how did the facility react?

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