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Hi everyone

Those that applied to the RN Residency Program at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital that begins in Feb, have you heard anything? I saw a few days ago that they stopped accepting applications. I spoke with the nurse recruiter there about 2 weeks ago and she said they would be beginning interviews around the first week of November. Has anyone gotten a call yet for an interview? I really want this job and I am just starting to panic because I haven't heard anything yet!


Thanks for the advice NurseEducator.

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Has anyone heard anything about the GN positions? I know someone who is hoping for a Conroe Regional position!

Hey corky1272RN, I applied to Conroe as well even though its fairly far away from where I live. It looks like the GN position is still open on their site so I doubt they will start interviewing for it until they take it off/it closes.

Anyone heard from Cypress Fairbanks about interviewing yet?

Not here :-(. I did go to the job fair for mem Hermann, in the galleria area, there is a St. Lukes event on the 4th of Dec.

Would like more new nurse luv but in due time, I guess. We are NOT alone, saw many like us in the same position. Hang in there

I still have not heard anything. I was to go to the hiring event for Memorial yesterday, but did not. I will be attending the one for St. Luke's however.

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@Miss Kisha if you dont mind me asking how was the MH job fair? I went to the one the had a couple of months ago and i was told i needed hospital experience of atleast 2yrs before they considered me, and i'm just starting a homehealth job now. I wanted to attend saturdays but i couldn't.

I haven't heard from Cypress.

To be honest, not very promising for a new grad. It was pretty, though. Many of the internships end up going to the people that already work there as student PCA type thing. After the internships are gone to those on staff, there may be only a hand full left. I'm glad I went, nice to know we r not alone in our situation.

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