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Hi everyone

Those that applied to the RN Residency Program at Cypress Fairbanks Medical Center Hospital that begins in Feb, have you heard anything? I saw a few days ago that they stopped accepting applications. I spoke with the nurse recruiter there about 2 weeks ago and she said they would be beginning interviews around the first week of November. Has anyone gotten a call yet for an interview? I really want this job and I am just starting to panic because I haven't heard anything yet!


I applied there. I haven't heard anything either. :( When I spoke with the nurse recruiter yesterday, she stated they have already contacted individuals for the NICU, and the other applicants for the other units they will begin contacting soon. I was looking forward to it as well.

Ahhh thanks for replying. Do you want to work in the NICU? I applied for the ED. When I talked to them 2 weeks ago they said they already had about 75 applicants. Scary! Good luck, I hope we get interviews!

I hope so as well. I applied for ED as well. Good luck to you also.

Oh Boy, I think I have the watched pot syndrome, ya know the one that takes forever to boil. I too called last week and it was explained that NICU calls were made. I applied for Med/Surg and she said some time this week. Well, It's a job looking for a job and it's also a job staying encouraged. Patience is the key but it would sure be nice to get a call.

They will call us all, eventually.

In the meantime, Have a rockin' good day and weekend,


Check TMH - Methodist, open position

Haha, watched pot syndrome, I definitely have that! Thanks for your encouragement Miss Kisha. I'm starting to get inpatient and discouraged after so many applications, I guess I need to relax! Also, thanks for the heads up on Methodist, I've already checked them out-unfortunately for me they only want BSN's. I have my ADN and I'm 3 courses away from my BSN, so they won't even consider me.

Good luck to you!

I only, well not only!!

I have an ADN as well - may 2010, but I apply anyway!

I have a BA in another field but....

I actually pulled some info today to initiate the app. process for Texas Women's Univ.

I so don't want this to loom over my head this weekend. Hey, you apply to the Ben Taub prpgram??

I'm a May 2010 ADN grad as well! I didn't apply to Ben Taub's program because they said BSN's only too! I guess maybe I should just go ahead and apply anyway to Methodist's GN stuff? I did apply to some of the Staff Nurse I jobs at Ben Taub though. It says new grads with

Thank you Miss Kisha for your words of encouragement.

I too am becoming impatient. It's kind of frustrating as well. I'm a May 2010 graduate, and I have my BSN. I've had my license since July. I was to move to Minnesota, but due to unforseen cirmcustances that has changed. Now since I've been back to Houston, I've been searching for a job everywhere and have not had any luck as of yet. But I remain hopeful and optimistic. I hope I am able to start an internship though the beginning of next year. Best of luck to you all as well, we just have to remain patient, it will come. At first I felt as if I was the only one going through this since most of my former classmates have already found jobs. I've applied to Ben Taub and recently applied to Methodist Hospital as well. Other hospitals I have contacted stated their internship programs will not begin until the summer of 2011. I just want to start working already.

My goodness, No word yet from Cypress Fairbanks???

Nope! This waiting game is driving me nuts! Haha.

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